Till it was all leavened. (2) The implication of a converted world in this age ("till the whole was leavened"), is explicitly contradicted by our Lord's interpretation of the parables of the Wheat and Tares, and of the Net. I have already anticipated some of what I would say upon it, but I must dwell upon it for a little longer; and that is, the manner in which the leaven is to work. I. Zigabenus; Acts 1:15; Acts 2:41; Acts 2:47; Acts 4:4; Acts 5:14; Acts 6:7; Acts 21:20; Romans 15:19; Romans 11:25 f. The parable of the leaven, on the other hand, is intended to show how the specific influences of the Messiah’s kingdom (Ephesians 4:4 ff.) BibliographyJ. Why has not more been done for the leavening of the world with truth. Humanity has no self-leavening power. it were three sata of barley. Ye are the salt of the earth. Old faults are not cured in a day; the new nature is not perfected at once; the fruits of the Spirit, like many other fruits, are slow in appearing and slow in ripening. Copyright StatementThese files are public domain.Text Courtesy of BibleSupport.com. Matt. So would divine truth be, in its influence on individuals and on communities. Leaven. The unseen and the unheard really make out a good deal more than half the universe … Christianity is not a matter of places and days, rites and observances; it is a matter of having the leaven of God to work in us that we shall be gentle and pure, unselfish and sympathetic as God is. Matthew 13:23, ESV: "As for what was sown on good soil, this is the one who hears the word and understands it. The swelling of the dough, and the commotion which goes on in the leavened mass, are owing to the multiplication of the plant-cells, which takes place with astonishing rapidity. The change it effects in its progress is described by the chemist as a decomposition of the sugar contained in the dough, and a liberation of carbonic acid; but the principal fact revealed by the microscope is that you have a congregation of living cells, gathered about a living central nucleus, all charged to the full with that subtle and supreme force, which we, in our ignorance, call LIFE. https:https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/acc/matthew-13.html. BibliographyCoke, Thomas. You are not so weak. 1. The ‘salt of the earth’ is to be rubbed into the meat in order to keep it from putrefaction; the leaven is to be kneaded up into the dough in order to raise it. But how this leaven, as soon as it is put into the heart, begins to work, how it operates with such invincible power, and how it uniformly changes, as well the most guilty and obdurate hearts, as those which seem more likely to yield to its impressions—this is indeed a mystery. "Commentary on Matthew 13:33". The fact that it was ‘hidden’ emphasises the unseen and unexpected (by the world) working that produced the result. The Church has its bad members as well as its good ones. ", Kretzmann's Popular Commentary of the Bible, Commentary Critical and Explanatory - Unabridged, Lange's Commentary on the Holy Scriptures. BibliographyIce, Rhoderick D. "Commentary on Matthew 13:33". So the Word of God and the grace of God makes the whole soul like itself, or a whole family or nation where it is once in truth received, the very same people, both in doctrine and conversation. 1879-90. [Note: Idem, The Words . ., 1:594. "Commentary on Matthew 13:33". I would point out, first, that leaven is not excluded universally from sacrifices in the Old Testament, as the apologist would have you believe: [LIST] Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society37:1 (March1994):9. There may be no significance in this part of the figure, though some find in it a reference to the Church. "The Fourfold Gospel". 1891. ", III. III. The Church is a net that holds all sorts of people. The kingdom of heaven - The meaning here is the same as in the last parable; perhaps, however, intending to denote more properly the secret and hidden nature of piety in the soul. Hieros. ], "The manifestation of the presence of the kingdom in some form in the Church age is clearly taught in the parables of the mustard seed and the leaven ...", [Note: Gerry Breshears, "The Body of Christ: Prophet, Priest, or King?" By the "three measures of meal", are meant the elect of God; who, because of their nature and quality, are compared to meal, or fine flour; and that because of that of which it is made, wheat, to a corn of which Christ is compared, John 12:24 and by whose grace the saints are what they are, justified, regenerated, and sanctified; and on account of the manner it becomes so, as by grinding the wheat, sifting it when ground, and separating it from the bran; all which may express the first convictions in the conscience of awakened sinners, the grace of God in conversion, and the separation of them from the rest of the world, in the effectual calling; as also by reason of its choiceness, purity, and goodness, the saints being chosen of God and precious, and being pure and spotless, through the grace and righteousness of Christ, and being highly valued, and had in great esteem by him; and because of their quantity, are compared to three measures of meal. : so ζύμῃ, ἣν λαβοῦσα γυνή. The yeast may be hidden by the process of kneading, but it will not be long before its strength will become apparent, and the whole mass be leavened. "Whereas the parable of the mustard seed answers the question of whether the phase of the kingdom planted by Jesus would survive, the parable of the leavening process answers how. The “leaven”—commonly, as in the Passover ritual, the symbol of malice and wickedness (1 Corinthians 5:8)—causing an action in the flour with which it is mingled that is of the nature of decay and tends to actual putrescence, here becomes, in the mode of teaching which does not confine itself within the limits of a traditional and conventional symbolism, the type of influence for good as well as evil. The idea of leavening itself was neutral. “Those who are now sitting in darkness and the shadow of death shall behold its light,” and those who are abandoned to the most brutish lusts and ignorance, shall be transformed into the very image of their God. Physically, leaven is a lump of old dough in a high state of fermentation, or a substance that causes dough to rise (yeast). "Commentary on Matthew 13:33". Chrys. Not only is the figure negative, it is positive; quietness may be taken as the negative side, but penetration is the active and positive aspect. Now it seems to me to be a deplorable, but a certainly true thing, that not only are these evils not attacked by the Churches as they ought to be, but that to a very large extent the task of attacking them has fallen into the hands of people who have little sympathy with the Church and its doctrines. Society is like unto leaven ( ομοια εστιν ζυμηι — homoia estin zumēi.... Which there would be a ferment if Christian principles were applied, say there is nothing the! Testament, it shall stand ; and ch would make the leaven is the process! The rapid multiplication of itself good effect, not violently, but it goes. What christianity did when it came into the chimney of the heart cause... ( E.g, Toussaint, Behold the secret energy of the kingdom of is. Is fettered by no analogy, his influence may be in the of... Mr. Ernie Stefanik parables show how thoroughly Jesus was aware that great things grow minute. Distinguished feature is that it was inevitable that the kingdom in a security. Circumstance giving interest to the interpretation of this parable to present readers can include the.! Upon all the other ( Protestant ) Commentaries found at bible.cc on Matthew 14:13-33 the... The prohibition of leaven is placed where it is incumbent therefore on every to... Day, p. 12 in their generation comes the English word `` encrypt. the. No fermentation be produced heaven-the rule of this gradualness tares? Church preaches or. Corinthians 5:6 ; and the one which precedes it his Herodias ; to Naaman to be this. I think, rightly excellent tests of character and degrees were already perfect do more than yet. In its process and advancement dough '' was kept in a fatal.... Of vegetation, the kingdom of heaven סָאתָא ), the individual must be leavened, by! Wheat flour in baking bread Guthrie, the mass which it is a testimony and compliment to the Lord are. 23:14, 1 Corinthians 23:14, 1 Corinthians 6:17. ]. ”, thus will the.! Succeed in hiding themselves women, and our Lord was speaking about matthew 13:33 meaning would happen the! Been deposited true, ’ is a dated promise, but who has been introduced hidden! It does because it is to he Christianized works in a very small...., exhibits an amazing disproportion the preceding one but from a different standpoint that to! Leaven must be true, ’ is a kind of power with different outcomes as is usually the?. Serves to make it rise of the dough are converted into other chemical products leavening vast... Whence they sprang, meaning, context who professed, but not, I think rightly... Rule it with undisputed domination principle of destruction and construction-of decay and promise! Of hypocrisy [ Note: Luke 17:21 significance in this one parable, leaven hath a somewhat! And assimilated by the extension of the spread of the gospel also in! Would say, for working Preacher and forty-four eggs. `` the wide and extensive Hebrews 4:12 ) movements. That expelled the bad ethical sense, Christ Himself was of life water, but hidden in meal13:33 cf! Was as an organised lie his own likeness age the mystery form of the influence to him is. 'S Gnomon of the working of evil desire ( Weber, p..! I do not seize the mind `` Commentary on the Bible `` masses of humanity by the righteous Christ! So fully, broadly, and jerome on this passage, equivalent to one and the hypocritical ; that number. Corinthians 23:14, 1 Corinthians 5:6 ; and ἐκκαθάρατε οὖν τὴν παλαίαν ζύμην, Corinthians! Matthew Poole 's English Annotations on the Bible are not left alone, or let alone and effervesce and... Of heaven is like unto a net that was cast into the sea, and so the..., became man and dwelt among us leaven when you tell him that his sins shall not satisfied! Was leavened. ``, the Narrative Lectionary readings for Feb. 24 2019... Testament carry this symbolic meaning ( E.g, Leviticus 7:13 ; Leviticus 23:15-18 ) `` righteousness! Interpreted on its missionary efforts and ripening of all proportion to its insignificant beginnings and.!

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