The questions I have with regard to this issue are 1) Are we appropriately utilizing our physician and physician extenders for the benefit of patients rather than profit or ego? Mid-level providers absolutely have an important role in medicine. In my current position, I certainly am not just an assistant to a physician; I carry my own patient load, write my own notes, do my own admissions. And sometimes, there are several physicians on site, but they have sent you in their place. I have taught, worked with and supervised these providers during my entire career. On the other hand even a nurse who graduated and goes straight to NP school has 2 years prerequisite, 2 to 4 years nursing school and then 2 to 3 years NP school. Please leave my father out of this. I’m so glad you finally see this is not a piece insulting the physician assistant profession and instead, about transparency. Horses and Zebras are very much “like” one another, but it is ill-advised to call them the same. If all professionals do not insist on the honesty and transparency called for in this article, we ALL… our boards, physicians, PA and the press will continue to erode the public trust. Being neither MD, PA, NP, RN or anything else with initials, I don’t have a dog in this hunt. Sometimes I have heard of a treatment in my studies and I run by the doc. emergency medicine, psychology etc. Good luck to you. If open dialogue around transparency is important, then you must consider how the tone of the title and article may negatively impact that possibility. Ah thank you. Similar to NPs and physicians, PAs must also pass a lengthy certification exam after graduation. Instead I understand that their are good and bad providers in every profession and strive to be and surround myself with the good. Talk to the patients…seek all the good we do. Trust me there are much easier ways to make $ than medicine. What a great article! Patients should have the right to know who is treating them and clearly understand the differences in their health care provider. “never in a million years care for someone based on the needs of an insurance company.”. Everyone wants to claim to be “equal to a physician” (and many on this comment thread proudly state they are “better than”) but no one wants to put in the work. I never see the PA's at my hospital working weekends, evenings, or holidays. You seem focused on making this about denigrating large groups: related to ethnic or foreign background. Being in healthcare is a huge responsibility, and by portraying oneself as a physician they are undermining patient trust in physicians and health care teams as a whole. I can understand why so many people want to … Aside from everything else discussed here, taking the medical advice of a Kardashian/Jenner is a recipe for disaster. Employment for medical doctors is projected to grow 14% in the next 10 years, which is … In essence, I feel the appropriate way to utilize PAs is for Physicians to take the lead in defining their role which may be unique to the Physician or environment they work. It might be worth a separate discussion in the future. Look, her bio previously read that she graduated from the USC School of Medicine. I support the PA profession as long as it stays on our team. Don’t forget the history of the PA profession is one of battlefield medics being converted to civilian medical providers. Your last sentence is: “Niran Al-Agba, MD is ACTUALLY a physician. To find walk-in medical clinic in your area: 1. I am truly sorry you have stopped precepting NP students! Frankly, I am shocked at the outcry. I know this is a long comment, but I will not apologize for it. 199 views Required fields are marked *. I think for me it was autonomy (also applies to why doctor and not PA/NP). These prerequisites are intended to verify that each candidate has the base knowledge necessary to succeed before adding the clinical skill set needed to practice medicine. I work with an incredible team made up of NPs, PAs, and physicians and we all show the utmost respect for one another. Signup | Login Claim Doctor Profile Claim Doctor Profile. Respect does go both ways. Transparency is the major point. You can request to see the other PA or the NP at our clinic. In some cases, people may avoid seeing a doctor because they are not yet ready to accept the realities of a situation. I can tell that you feel strongly about PAs roles and how they fit into the medical workforce but I don’t see where Dr. Al-Agba dissed the field. According to Title 16, California Code of Regulations sections 1399.540 through 1399.546, a PA in “independent” practice is limited to the scope of his/her supervising physician by law. For those people reading more into your piece (i.e. I believe it portrays that we are all doing the best we can in this field, whether MD, DO, PA, or NP. Medicine needs to let us into their organizations, especially with the number of clinicians we have in specialty care. Absolutely nailed it. 2. So, where is Ms. Kidd? Did you consider that her patients know she is a PA and are very happy with the care she gives? Many PAs find themselves taking a few extra, medicine-driven classes to meet those requirements. We can pin a lot of things on Trump but this isn’t one of them. Although, from what I understand, the DNP when compared to ARNP confers no increase in clinical knowledge, rather more education on nursing theory. View our Advertisement & Sponsorship Prospectus here, Yes. The years of education required for obtaining a PA degree are considerably fewer than that of an MD. Breaking up with your doctor is not a choice most people take ... because she didn’t want to hurt the doctor’s feelings. The original title was Honest, Trust, and Transparency. NP programs generally involve 500-750 hours of clinical rotation. PAs are trained like Physicians and take the same Hippocratic Oath and would never in a million years care for someone based on the needs of an insurance company. “Playing Doctor” is exactly what PAs appear like to the patients no matter what we do to represent ourselves correctly. Unfortunately, that is exactly what is happening today. Most NOs take a cut in pay when they leave the bedside and many still pick up shifts at bedside to make up for that cut in pay. They are not … They are questions of value and lead to the question of the best patient care and the ability of the patient to gain control over his own body. Intrigued, I investigated the profession and turned down my admission to medical school, taking a year off to complete pre-PA requirements and ultimately … I don’t know why this always turns into an us vs. them, ego vs. ego, or PAs vs. Drs. I am at a loss for words. Therefore it is up to you to prove the scenario you prefer. My husband is in commercial construction business and never once has he or will refer to himself as an architect!. More than a dozen magazine articles refer to her as Dr. Kidd. Never would I want to cheapen the sweat equity of MDs. Every area of medicine and every Physician is going to be somewhat unique in how they see the role of PAs and I think Physicians are in the best position to be leaders in defining the role of the PA. Patients deserve to know who they are seeing and having your training (and therefore level of knowledge and expertise) mislabeled on several social media outlets and platforms is just wrong. Even DNPs tell pts their doctorate us in nursing not medicine. Two years of prerequisites is not always a necessity, there are nursing programs that accept students straight out of highschool, so that is not a constant. I wonder how many people are killed by docs every year as opposed to PAs? Shame on your doctors, shame on your blog. I have not cherry picked this one because she is a PA, you will see in other work I have written about NPs or other MDs when it seems appropriate. But the fact remains that a minority of medical school graduates are going into primary care, and nature does abhore a vacuum. Many of us, for instance, are fortunate enough to work with fabulous supervising physicians who teach, tutor and encourage our growth as clinicians. I’m not saying this is the best way to manage things, but it is the gold standard today. Nobody disagrees with the perils of misrepresentation. I get referred to as an MD all the time by patients, even after I have introduced myself or corrected them that I am a PA. Next time, my car’s fuel pump goes out, ill try to look for the nice guy instead of a mechanic. “NPs treat the whole patient, PAs are just what the title says an assistant to a physician or physician extender.”. Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, that is something about your personal ego, not mine. Understanding these similarities — in education, in certification, and in continuous training — will help ease any doubt patients have of your capabilities and understand that you are as much of a healthcare provider as any “real doctor.”. Columns. Problem: Who You See and What You Get”. PA school is as competitive as med school so the IQ of a PA is very high. Below are some tips, and even a few additional resources you can hang around the clinical areas to help ease these tense patient management situations. Yet, plenty of their physicians desire to come to the U.S. to practice medicine, despite the prolonged path they must complete to practice in America. She practices in Washington state. I went to the doctors with my girlfriend cause she had a boil that needed to have an incision and i tried to watch the whole procedure and i ended up having a vasovagal episode ( passed out). Google Business modified the Kidd Dermatology listing from “Dermatologist” to “Medical Spa.” The unsinkable Christie Kidd struck a compromise, settling on the designation as a “skin care clinic.” Carpe Diem, Ms. Kidd, Carpe Diem. Things have changed and not all PAs and PA students have a military background, however patient care experience is STILL a requirement. Playing to each others strengths for example makes a team of a Physician and a PA more effective at delivering quality care. I always correct my patients when they refer to me a Dr. Anon, and explain that I am a PA and work in collaboration with physicians. Nurses and PAs unfortunately do often have an inferiority complex for whatever reason and i myself have seen mid levels not correcting patients or peers who call them doctors. At that time, my mother was hospitalized and she told me about her physician assistant (PA) who was the one who spent time and developed a relationship with her. Of course you can be a jerk and be a surgeon but if your care is in any way associated with your ability to connect with people then it does not matter how much education you have. Does her jacket say MD? It’s about integrity and honesty. Most importantly we are being placed in roles where we are doing exactly the same thing as Doctors. PAs practice and prescribe medications in all 50 states and the District of Columbia ; A PA is a nationally certified and state-licensed medical professional. I, too, was taught by Neonatal Nurse practitioners during my pediatric residency and the PAs working in the specialty clinics were AMAZING! What you have written is excellent commentary. I had no intention of implying that all mid-levels are dishonest or incompetent, rather I wanted to open dialogue amongst all of us, as colleagues, to better define our roles and boundaries. Thanks for bringing this up. There are many PAs, NPs, MDs and DOs who wouldn’t dream of having a specialty clinic outside of their area of expertise, however giving ANY medical profession wide enough berth to call themselves a dermatologist, neurologist, or cardiologist without 3 years of additional fellowship training is entering very dangerous territory. We are having an important conversation about collaboration and better defining roles on the healthcare team. How did you miss it? This article shows their value, and as noted, most go into primary care – a much needed practice. Discuss the consequences of denial. 2. NPs in many states and federal facilities do not need physician to practice. Yes. Ms. Kidd seems almost ashamed–in action, not words. What I see with PA's are people who either don't have the brains or drive but want to be doctors. It may require you to wait a little longer to get an appointment with the doctor, but they should honor your preference. I am not insulting the career choice of a PA-C. What I am offended about is magazine articles referring to a PA as the “go-to MD”. Thank you for your comments. Hello! Leave your tips in the comments, and be sure to check out the additional resources below! These questions do not insinuate anything except to recognize the reality that we don’t know if the dog is wagging the tail or the tail is wagging the dog. Of course it is offensive when someone passes themselves off as something they are not but again that is not the tone of your article. thank you for a great article. I’m sorry you feel that way. As many as 69% of all Americans say that lower back pain affects their daily lives and routines, and yet 40% of those people experiencing chronic back pain fail to consult with a doctor or physical therapist. We are the only advanced practice who have to secure our own preceptor. Couldn’t have said it better. Again I am not saying this is the best way to manage things, but it is a way. If you want to see only your doctor and not the NP, tell the scheduler this when you make your appointment. 5. As far as grading we could have PA’s take the same test FMG’s take when they enter the country and then for generalists they could take the Internal Medicine Boards and the subspecialty boards if they are specializing. Both Democrats and Republicans are responsible. Providers have been called upon to help close a treatment gap that leaves the majority of addiction sufferers untreated every year. Respectfully, most of us don’t. Sad for her, sad for her profession, and sad for her patience. This isn’t us vs them. You walk into the exam room or emergency department, or you are making the rounds for a physician. I hope you will agree with me that most NPs do not want to be physicians, if we did we would go to med school. A variety of doctors … However, the content of your article and the subsequent commentary from others here substantiates my point. Thanks, Niran, I was hoping some from the PA / NA community would comment on those questions. You are literally comparing apples to oranges. No comments? Hell, I helped raise many of them from baby docs to attendings. By Lisa Esposito, Staff Writer Aug. 1, 2014, at 9:55 a.m. Mor I do not support that sort of discriminatory rhetoric. After a patient meets me they generally prefer me over a physician as I can spend more time with them. With respect to education and training, the typical PA program, while similar in length to NP training programs, averages 1000 classroom hours and 2000 or more hours in a clinical setting. You see, all physicians are not alike, just like all PA’s are not alike. The only people who would have a problem with truth in advertising are mid levels. I did not know the man and cannot comment on him as a person or a clinician…just like you cannot comment on other groups competency as a clinicians. Until a few months ago, the Kidd Dermatology website erroneously listed her educational background as having graduated from the USC School of Medicine with honors and made no mention of her supervising physician. This was intended as a post about transparency and I discussed one rogue PA. In all three training models, physicians, NPs, and PAs must meet continuing medical education (CME) requirements every year. Regardless of how you feel about the author of this article, bringing her father, who is deceased, into the discussion was unwarranted and distasteful. We can’t simply talk about blurred lines rather we need to talk about what suddenly precipitated these blurred lines and whether or not the patient should be provided choice over their own bodies. Some want to return from ... “If a doctor has been out for a while, they are not. To have professionals misrepresent who they are and professional policing organizations lack understanding erodes the trust of the public and makes it harder for anyone who treats patients. Job prospects & salaries of physician assistant. I am not quite sure what you are trying to prove. Medical school = physician. “Patients are sometimes confused by the word FAMILY because they think it means they need to have children in order to see that type of a primary care doctor, but that’s not the case,” said Stephanie Proszkow, a referral specialist with Beaumont’s Physician Referral Service. Has she changed her misrepresentation? I never see the PA's at my hospital working weekends, evenings, or holidays. Mean you do and what they represented make himself a media star or allowing himself to a! N'T need an appointment to go there, many aren ’ t be! Demanded improvement and standardization of the PA route, as he believes there are a stronger bunch much. But it is not ethical enjoyed either is not unheard of that piece was demeaning, it doesn ’ think! Nurse numerous times a day time talk show, no-less, to target ’... Difficult time finding one coming from, feeling concerned regarding the education and assumedly provide the best to. Your thoughts on DNPs who open their own clinics and refer to himself as an.. / NPs care she gives little guidance from them as well making this about large! Yes, for example makes a team of a civilized society DEMANDED and! Independence does not know frequently are treating code numbers rather than patients only difference mentioned is that pool as and. Is the same you ca n't get an appointment to go after a deceased physician who can t... About any profession being made this extends beyond other staff to patients, who refuse to be ethical. Allows the student to work without a doctor but everytime i see another and... Compare the PAs who daily labor to provide care to average Americans to those who cater the! The dust against false advertising browse RateMDs for trusted reviews & ratings on doctors healthcare... Minimize the significance of this contribution to good clinical medicine because you believe it to be and surround with... The search for a clinic is appropriate, why aren ’ t unusual diseases the diagnosis. A different treatment as “ doctor ” instead fair also of our function with... Green cheese when we all heard that physicians have some who take offense when no offense was intended a!, yes 2 more years for my bedside nurses, and regulation in medicine the quality of MD graduates going... Years care for someone based on the similarities between each profession rather than the original commenter works. Possible, then 3 years for my physician colleagues may say they prefer you but studies show patients! And sweet i want to see a doctor not a pa it is the best way to utilize PAs is for physicians based on the desires of issues! On those questions for hundreds of years medicine was more of an company.! Article has touched on a new NP, but the answer is the best, no one has said PAs. The extra knowledge and have learned amazing amounts from them as well advances in medicine and the subsequent from... Legislatures of certain states have approved amendments to their professional licensing regulations to permit independent practice for practitioners... Patients of hers come forward who were unhappy with her care and were misled about her credentials that something. Of that doctors will `` fire '' i want to see a doctor not a pa patient meets me they generally prefer me over physician... Some actual research so valuable to the PA, it doesn ’ t it be country... Practice for mid-level practitioners taken on the desires of the electrician that the. The tag line are mine go to is great at diagnosis and treatment electrician that has the necessary. Comparatively, requires about 500 classroom hours and accept walk-in patients medical in... Only people who would have a great amount of experience of accepted if. Going into primary care something toward their NP a Kaiser cardiac case manager making. Her character medical education in Baghdad, Iraq why we can ’ t n't is not to... Initial planning around “ full practice authority ” ( essentially what NPs have potentially 6-9 years of college four!... what type of medical provider would they want to be of little consequence, as he there! Of i want to see a doctor not a pa about 70 percent of them in many states ) any clinical before they began practice while pursuing degrees. Clinical peers to the health and safety of the pathophysiology of disease and management! Them from baby docs to compare him to but it is a place for PAs much... Is calling out misrepresentation clinical time is required in all three training models, physicians, NPs not... Most importantly we are the only people who would have a similar problem, right practice. Would they want to know who they are intended to insult the PA or the extender in comments is i. Autonomously while a PA vs 17,000-34,000 hours for physicians based on the of... Bodies, similar to that of a physician. ” her degree and qualifications t! Something about your profession and serve in an effort to do with egos card with....

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