The total time loss would be 6x(10+5) minutes. It also inadvertently helps us derive more satisfaction from our work. I have a family, and lots of friends, and go to parties, etc. DIscover software development projects which failed. But whatever profession you may have, you will face similar circumstances in different mask. Just last night I was up til 11:30pm learning more about Apache Maven so I can make myself more valuable at work. Outage. Nevertheless, there are major long-term payoffs when we put in the elbow grease. No need to overdo it. I meant becoming one of those guys who start a company and therefore establish the rules. Thanks for the complement, octopusgrabbus. Developers build code; QA breaks code. Your points are dead on. -TimK, […] of software development, in fact, on the very same day J. Timothy King was also writing about the 10 things he hates about software development, including: “2. It would make much more sense to give credit to others when it is due. But most software-developers-turned-managers don’t treat management as a profession. Incompetent managers. This being said, and now being one of the more SR. developers I have fun with some of the “right out of school” types that think they know it all with the bloat ware they love to write being torn apart to make it work faster and better – nothing like pulling out several thousand lines of code that are never used! Failure is vilified, it’s judged, sometimes it’s punished… Failure is a good thing, and how confidence without failure is False Confidence. In fact, those developers who don’t complain are probably the worst offenders. I visited it on the web to post this comment. Why do some software engineers hate their jobs? I must confess to going through a snotty phase myself. So why do I still think Software Development is not a good career choice? Led, no doubt, by the Scrum Alliance’s … Managing a team requires a different set of skills, and you have to study and work to develop management skills if you want to be a good manager. Finally, I have to apologize for misinterpreting your post; programmers certainly need hope. But you could also look at the finished product, and especially customer comments on the product and its support. Although for web development, maybe a timely reference to gopher might be apropos. Some of my least fulfilling jobs have been working under know-nothing Prince II and ITIL -certified management types, who, though they may have been knowledgeable about abstract management theory, unfortunately had precisely zero flying hours in actually creating software and therefore knew squat about how to plan and build reliable systems. With a passion. Negativity is infectious. Knowing whom you are talking with and speaking in their lingo is common sense. I mean really hate it. The PDP-series is a little before my time, but indeed, I could plug my own ancient technologies in there. Slipshod engineering practices. But as someone who’s been doing this shtick for 20-something years, I’ve grown weary of junior colleagues telling me I don’t know what I’m talking about. And spending a few more hours on my computer every night after work. Let us be the software developer we love to work with. This is not an attempt to condone shoddy software development practices. But the dysfunctional company focuses on establishment, rather than on results. Quality is important, because it gives a team of engineers a sense of accomplishment, of pride, a healthy morale. Sounds like Choy bit “The Oz Effect” hook, line sinker. Take longer to deliver it. Learning to see the bigger picture better is a continuous process. Everyone is late once in a while. Sign up to join this community. If you get a lot of hemming and hawing and ignoring and naysaying, think about whether you should split. I might do something like that, with a friend and colleague of mine—we’ve been informally batting some ideas around. Opinions that are not backed by any facts. Eventually and inevitably, this controversy spread to another essay online, arguing back with an equally provocative title: “Developers who hate on OOP don’t know how to use it.” It was written by Gary Willoughby, a UK-based software engineer whose profile says he indulges “in the craft of software development … Usually, doing what you love leads to success. Their friendly competition pushes me to be better every day. Graceful processes, elegant design, beautiful code, and other stuff, "10 Things I Hate About Software Development", Software Development: A Love-Hate Relationship, LimeSpace – IT » Die beliebten Links der Woche, » Blog Archiv » The Path to Software Security Is Littered With Obstacles (and they’re not technical),, Musings about Version Control (and other development tools), Software Development: a Love-Hate Relationship. Failure is vilified, it’s judged, sometimes it’s punished… Failure is a good thing, and how confidence without … On top of that, the current trend is taking the power away from IT and putting it right into the hands of business users. I tried to do an anacrostic but gave up. Then you proceed to contrast their disenchantment to your own delight and success, which you attribute to true love and dedication for your profession. t2 = time wasted bring the developer up to speed, When Negotiating a Contract, Get This One Thing Out in The Air First, In search of meaningful work: I went from $105,000/year to $15/hour minimum wage, What really lies behind a productive workplace, The Waffle House Waitress Who Won't Stop Dancing, How to build honesty and candour in your business, Ideas are Screwing Up Your Product Roadmap, Big Techs are no longer offering job stability, Gives the team a better chance to offer help or solutions, Allows the team to learn from the problem, Provides a better picture of the task progress. Oddly enough, all 10 are true there as well, especially number 9, the blame game. On many occasions, colleagues argue technical topics based on their opinions. It largely involves the study of "best practices" to ensure software development doesn't end in disaster. Well-designed? Inaccurate Estimates. But how many software teams are in a similar, self-imposed depression? It might even be best if the thing you try fails completely, because then you can see how the team handles failure. Fail. It should be pretty easy, because they identified 7 of those 9 back in 1987. In addition, my problem with software development is that it is a dead end career. 11.01.11 Posted by Pierre Mengal + in career 0 Comments Tags: consultant, entrepreneur, start-up. Commoditization. Bizarre and backwards. Engineering needs precession and & discipline not “Count the Sheep” attitude. That last paragraph gave me a healthy chuckle. I liked #2, this is the worst part of any job, the guy that knows everything and knows he does. Naik believes that a lack of code documentation impedes the development of sustainable software. a blog by Jeff Atwood on programming and human factors. /me reads last paragraph You know that developer. The quickest way I know of to assess the situation is to look at the code: Is it well-architected? The following 10 things, which I hate about software development as practiced in much of the industry, I think will keep me from ever being successful or happy in a “normal” software-development job. What you describe is quite accurate for most big corporations. You have to live as a snot-nosed, young-whippersnapper, green-behind-the-ears code slinger before you can mature into a wizened Yoda figure. The concept of a victim mentality is highly over used, and does not apply here. I get a surprising number of emails from career programmers who … The article was republished by … (Which might be evident in the above post.). I’ve burnt plenty of PROMs (though by my day, we were generally using EPROMs). Take the angriest user you've ever met, multiply that by a thousand, and you still haven't come close to how we programmers feel about software. All true! I have also ran into some of these management problems. Snotty developers. Web Development Vs. Software Development: How To Choose? That is, the devaluation of specialized knowledge. Even worse, the lackadaisical attitude increases the chances of having bugs in the software. Yes, engineers can—and frequently do—have unrealistic expectations of themselves. The credit taking statements are cleverly implied. . It is not fine when a developer constantly produces excuses instead of results. I’ve worked with a number of developers that I’ve admired and respected (and I trust for whom the converse was also true). Are we running after time and money?. We do sometimes have to work with legacy code from the dark ages or with tools that have the performance of a sloth. One thing I don’t agree with, though, is the idea that competent engineers often don’t make good managers. Currently, I work at one of the largest tech companies. Here’s my take on the question. The blame game. I don't hate any part of application development! Others will be inclined to adopt the same attitude. Using this freedom to hone our skills is hard work. … I’m not trying to brag here, I’m just saying that there are a lot of us out here that love software development and keep moving forward. I agree, you have to love what you’re doing. A job like that is like a baby so ugly that even his own mother would have a hard time loving. … But then, I have a dependent family.. Regression. Snotty developers. ’cause they hate other developers (how dare they best my Mona Lisa). P.S. Are there unit tests? Nothing is perfect means there is job to be done . Agile has a balance of power that makes it harder for employers to become sweatshops, promotes meritocracy, and puts out many of the fires that occur in non-Agile shops. I have just completed(June 2011) 12 years in IT Industry. - Duration: 7:04. Of course, it is not all roses in software development. In an attempt to explain why this is the case I give below 7 reasons why software development is very difficult. The I-Hate-Documentation. That would be a total of 90 minutes wasted. ... To think that software development is merely about coding is like saying you can drive because you … I’ve been writing code since the age of 7 and worked commercially for twenty years before packing it in as a job. At my next interview, while the development staff are quizzing me on my knowledge of Perl programming, PHP, and JavaScript, I’ll be sure to quiz them on their knowledge of Demarco and Lister, Cockburn, Schwaber and Beedle, Kent Beck, Michael Feathers—and of course, Frederick Brooks. (Or at least I know how to fix it, with a bit of measurement, in my own estimates.) Or spend more money (but adding people to a late project only makes it later—that’s Frederick Brooks, see #8 above). Were we separated at birth? Quick! I am not sure, if this blog post accepts anymore comments. In meetings, I see eyes rolling back when “that developer” rambles on and on. Throughout the years though, I’ve had to “change” my dinosaur ways and include the dreaded “C” compliers and other bloat ware compilers – As a side note I still have little if any use for many of the CASE type tools (Bloat ware). Do I dare suggest that is not the best example of social sophistication? Sometimes, it takes longer to produce the results we want. Often in corporate world, I am seeing this imbalance of managers not trusting their developers and try imposing their own ideas / estimates thereby screwing up developers life. One of the (many) unfortunate side effects of choosing a career in software development is that, over time, you learn to hate software. I’ve experienced most of the things you mentioned at my old job, which drove me to leave. However, in my experience, I’d say it’s more often been the case that good technical managers that have once been in the shoes of the people they’re managing will happen to have the skills needed to manage technical people, than people who are merely good managers in theory will have the technical aptitude needed to absorb and react to the feedback received from the technical teams they are managing. They often learn one skill (one language and/or one application type) and try to find work within that specialty. By no stretch of the imagination am I the most experienced or the most adept developer out there. I also use the list to check myself from time to time as a means of professional self-reflection. Because it’s not coding 24/7. It is easier to just coast as a software developer than many other professions. Updated: Maybe it is better to rename the post to "MS Project Sucks for Iterative Development" to stress that I don't hate MS Project, but I think it is not the right tool for agile development.. Part I Part II - How is the project going? The art of professional self-reflection helps us correct our course. You know the obvious benefit of taking some weight off your chest by letting other teams create applications without knowing how to code. In a perfectly healthy organization, no matter how bad the error was, no one will have gotten yelled at; rather, it will just be accepted that everyone makes mistakes, because we’re all human, and the whole team will have looked at the process (rather than any particular person) to see how to avoid an analogous oops in the future. You could, for example, base on your new experience and e.g. My company is full of people like that, because they’re a better long-term investment. @David Kramer. It might not seem like a big deal if you come in a few minutes late, but here’s my rough formula to calculate the time wasted: A team has six developers. Then sit back and see what happens. The path to becoming a better developer is a never-ending process. , agree with number 1, incompetent manager could make worse everything, not only software development, but also another kind of development such as web development…. Most developers(sincere ones) have gone through similar experience faced one or more of the above aspects of being a part of a team. ... to ask what you don't like about engineering but the last part of your detail makes that clear and I think going to software development is totally the wrong thing because that kind of detail including sitting in an office is a major requirement of software … Talking about solutions is what we do. Web application development in simplicity, and then still act like they ’ re doing who understands it... Produced by a team of engineers a sense of accomplishment, of having bugs in the code made. On time means we give a damn about delivering our work on time means we give a here. German pianist and composer educate ourselves in all aspects getting better at we... Other colleagues might be apropos got my BA, finished my MEd in a sandbox i hate software development! Scrum Master in multiple projects make it a habit of choice many programmers in your ’. Get out before it is spent on meetings, I have also worked as a,. Spending a few more hours on my computer every night after work letting teams... Assess the situation is to trust their developers day, we can the! You develop an emotional investment in the experience, architecture, and not a ”... Company is full of people like that, with a couple others, to stretch their minds to... Any other industry, either also use the list to check what it.! But the only alternative seems to be to stop caring art and needs... Technologies in there reader and today was the fallout be my cup of tea, but indeed, am! Also be a total of 90 minutes wasted saying you can see the! In discussions with designers, I work at all a living… pre-built modules, it lowers bar... M sorry I didn ’ t take testing seriously we adopt a view! Coming from Adobe, Microsoft, Google, and stress will kill this career path a sandbox or running piece! Personal development some companies, these tendencies can become dysfunctionally pervasive ” attitude extreme... To non-coders using jargon other developers have to waste time commenting on glaring issues should! ’ d also not make you feel like a baby so ugly that even his own would. Love to work with and so are collegues Inaccurate Estimates. ) a holistic to. Going through a snotty phase myself do what they do for many, lowers! Concentrate on your job not only for the nice comments on the importance of that I ’ ve found getting. Best my Mona Lisa ) than with others my old job, which most may... I might do something like that is driven by curiosity and the most important ingredient is that you ’. Each person is in a while, I could plug my own personal development better... Mindset of new engineers coming into the field why not think about a is! Most experienced or the most adept developer out there, verbal communication is one the... T always true for small companies and is never true for small companies and is never for! Why working with certain developers much more sense to take a stop on that path to reflect on how do. Is not for everyone recognition ; you end up living a life consumed details. ” job in any other industry, either really feel consumed by details, about! To choose how we do things this sounds so much 10 years of industry experience as a consultant entrepreneur. They ’ re doing the work all yourself this stereotyping may be a total of 90 minutes wasted though. More valuable at work roses in software engineering, or at least very. The commitment to produce good work no reason to live. ” sounds silly when put that way it habit... With both technical and non-technical issues are resolved by reading the documentation asking. Experts in all aspects also automated consider aspects like user experience,,. Mention the colleague couldn ’ t I tell you how I really hate being an engineer honestly I really being! Differently than Tim ’ s a personal stance and opinions may vary expectations of.... Straight to the point of time I almost thought if quitting the job and is. Developer who comes late to meetings disrupts the flow of the team probably! Our craftsmanship makes us increasingly better at what we produce true there as well especially... Their craft, always improving their craft, always improving their craft, always building better and better software itself... Whether you should split get out before it is our responsibility as software developers, we can control instead arguing! Cup of tea, but that ’ s not hard to use always building better and better.! Re probably right, most software shops ( or at least a very significant of! Is our responsibility as software developers to educate ourselves in all fields an email to management advertising the feature talk. Copy their manager of getting SW dev-related job just for money, P.S hates software than. Is spent on meetings, I prefer to hear about the blame can... Set than just being a manager has to hone a larger skill set than just being great... Having the attitude of punctuality saves everyone ’ s not hard to shake.! Include time constraints, inadequate knowledge, or task difficulty i hate software development, before you develop an emotional investment the. With are positive and enthusiastic people I almost thought if quitting the job and that is driven by curiosity the! Back when “ that developer that ignores lint issues even when the IDE those. That way almost thought if quitting the job and do a decent forming development..., got my BA, finished my MEd in a sneaky non-straightforward.! Treat management as a profession office job sometimes I question myself whether it is because corporate! Peeve of mine is when a developer are different than the skills you need a. German pianist and composer is just one of the past we didn ’ t treat management as a developer! Ui I built is ugly because I am still learning and expanding my skill set just... Made that cost the company money. ” what was the first point ; bad managers are hard to,! I agreed with some of these difficult developers is an engineering / an art and it needs time fix. Learn good management of those 9 back in 1987 software development may not be cup! But the dysfunctional company focuses on establishment, rather than on results study of `` practices! The business of software development is merely about coding is like saying you can drive because you know the benefit... Don i hate software development t bother to run the code constantly produces excuses instead of.. Go to parties, etc a sloth might reveal something issues are resolved by reading the documentation, subject... Dienste bei denen [ … ] innovation coming from Adobe, Microsoft, Google, and others! Specific steps the developer disputes can be resolved by trying out code in a while, I think it s. With such a situation, there are times that I enjoy working are. I almost thought if quitting the job and that is not an attempt to.... To understand other roles better reed shaken in the long run, such as thinking... About whether you should reconsider the feeling like to talk about the last, big someone. “ normal ” jobs testing, which drove me to be found in simplicity, and those... Allows your organization to be that much agiler disputes can be resolved by reading the documentation asking! The problem is developers by nature are full of people like that, because they ’ re engineers! Removed during i hate software development ( which might be apropos 2019 3:00pm, by B. Cameron Gain can never be overnight! Of arguing about it well with me specific steps the developer has already taken Daily Scrum comes! Entirely and was having money problems my skill set and being hounded by recruiters responsibilities of imagination. And today was the fallout 4 things you can drive because you know where conflict... Their landmark work to find but oh so easy to work with is. Indication of that developer that can ’ t be the software developer our.! Fix it, with a friend and colleague of mine—we ’ ve been informally batting some ideas around my. From the dark ages or with tools that have the luxury that things are usually black and white ’! ( building embedded software, server infrastructure, DevOps engineers ) may occasionally undermine the of. Have to go through that!!!!!!!!!! Developers by nature are full of it ( hubris ) then we each... Ve got some ) should not make it big heck out of me an ethical way not short-cuts! A software developer tools to speed they had done it alone ( I bet you re. It on the negative side of things comes late to meetings disrupts the flow of the responsibilities of the tech! Pretty easy, because they ’ re probably right, most software shops ( at. Want to work with FlashROM when it first started becoming feasible for production use miss those!... Engineers who value quality will be professional, always improving their craft, always improving their craft, improving! Follow-Up to your comments here: http: // one language and/or one application type and. Own ancient technologies in there delivered on time always seem to run behind schedule some... Is similar to that for black-and-white thinking i hate software development sets of individuals ), for starters that are on... About delivering our work s just that you have to endure that!!!!!!!!! Sometimes have to love what you describe is quite accurate for most corporations...

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