Like many people, I was seduced by the dark green, glossy leaves with sharply contrasting veins, as well as by the striking shape and form of the leaves. For example, my cast iron plant used to get spider mites in the winter, but I took care of that problem and found that I was able to prevent that issue from occurring by misting it during the winter. This is especially important in winter because central heating dries out the air in our homes. My absolutely FAVORITE humidifier is the Levoit humidifier. Actually, EVERYTHING I’m mentioning in this blog post is probably equally important so take note. Alocasia ‘Polly’ and Alocasia ‘Amazonica’, two man-made Grouping plants together is another way to increase the local humidity around your plants. Your weekly indoor watering routine that you may have been doing suddenly may not work anymore, so you’ll have to pay attention to your plants when they are outside because the environmental conditions are very different from your indoor conditions. Knowledge is power. In general, our indoor plant care tips apply to all Colocasia and Alocasia varieties. If you place this plant outside, please make sure that the minimum nighttime temperature stays at LEAST 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit (approximately 10-13 Celcius) if not warmer! 'Polly' is a striking variety with leaves of deep, glossy green and contrasting white ribs. In a few cases, it turned out that the rooms where their Alocasias were growing had plunged into the 40s Fahrenheit. Years ago, my specimen was growing in a terra cotta pot and this was a big mistake. Alocasia is one of several plants known as an elephant ear. It benefits from a mix with lots of peat, as this increases the acidity of the soil and helps it to hold onto its nutrients. The rapid leaf growth will be quite diminshed and the plant will likely remain as-is throughout the season. The Alocasia Dragon Scale plant can dwell in both indoor and outdoor environments. It’s not something that you have or don’t have. The plant needs to be dusted anyway and neem is a natural pest repellent. Sunlight is so important that if you live in a dark first-floor apartment, this might not be the plant for you. Alocasia Amazonica Care Guide. Be careful, though. The bad news is that Alocasia care can be a little tricky to master. If the roots are all wrapped around, I would recommend repotting. Fortunately, there’s good news too. Is your plant collection still missing something? ress_js("//"); Ohio Tropics (Raffaele Di Lallo) is a participant in the Services LLC program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Do not feed your plant in the winter since it will be either growing very slowly or not at all. This is MUCH too cold for these plants and they simply will not tolerate it. It’s also just as hungry for sunlight as it is for nutrients. Using one will encourage the soil to dry out between waterings. I call the nursery where I bought the plant and I could not get any new information. In the heat of the summer, I’ll even water my Alocasia daily sometimes when it is outside! Whether the plant is indoors or outdoors. They were grown in ideal conditions, but the conditions in our homes are not as good. I lifted it and it seems like the roots are wrapped around. So there you have it! You can run it on cold mist or warm mist, has a remote control, operates very quietly and is just amazing! Some viable ways to increase the humidity for your Alocasia are the following: My preferred way is to get a humidifier and run it in the room where your plants are. It’s the perfect name for a plant whose leaves fold together and have their own tail. Especially when it is hot outside, it will need all the moisture it can get. Alocasia Plants stand out in any indoor environment. These plants need bright indirect light to do their best. Should I repot it? My plant looks beautiful now, but it wasn’t always in tip-top shape. So I decided to moved the plant indoor in a room with plenty light, The last of the five lives turned yellow and the new little one is not open yet but the stem is making like a down curve. Alocasia are popular for the drama and tropical style their foliage brings to any setting and are often called Elephant Ears. Alocasia Cucullata #1 Best Care Tips The Alocasia Cucullata plant, nicknamed as ‘Buddha’s Palm,’ is a famous houseplant choice. I’ve also become notorious on Instagram and have been offering so much advice that I decided to write a blog post. You should use clean, sharp shears to remove any leaves which are old, or which are encroaching on your room. There are many varieties out there, but I use a warm-mist humidifier with a pretty large water reservoir. Keep it inside in the winter, protect it from drafts, and never put it too close to an air conditioning unit. The rapid growth and warm temperatures will dry out the soil much more quickly than indoors so you’ll need to provide plenty of water for your plant if you move it outdoors. If you don’t want to dig it up to check which one you have, look at the leaves. The only one to avoid is A. Macrorrhizos. The common remedy of rinsing it with soapy water will remove the pests but encourage the leaves to become infected. Crece hasta alcanzar una altura de 3-4 metros, aunque lo normal es que se quede en 1-2m. This isn’t a plant you can simply forget about but, if you feed and water it regularly, it’ll give you an astonishing amount of new growth in return. Many people mist their houseplants. The soil is turning green....I’m a relatively new plant mom and I have 9 other plants (2 more Alocasia’s) and they’re all doing well. It’s certainly a commitment. Depending on the variety, you could end up with a splash of red, bronze or even purple veined with striking white. Split the rhizome into 2 and plant it in separate containers. “Oh I watered it two days ago…it should be good. Perhaps it’s time to consider an Alocasia. I just use whatever all-purpose fertilizer I have on hand, and use a variety of fertilizers depending on the season. On the other hand, I would also generally avoid these plants sitting in water for extended periods of time. Lo que no soporta es el frío , encontrando dificultades para sobrevivir en temperaturas inferiores a los 10º. It’s also just as hungry for sunlight as it is for nutrients. It reaches 30-40F in the evening but the heating comes back on in the day. An Alocasia, also called an African Mask plant or Elephant Ear plant, has large, dramatic leaves. Except in the winter time, you’ll want to keep this plant pretty evenly moist. Look for houseplant-specific or compact varieties which won’t grow too large to be used as an indoor plant; these types typically don’t grow more than two or three feet high or wide. As we’ve said, Alocasia is a fussy house plant, but the information above should help you get off to a great start. The big prominent heart-shaped leaves somewhat resemble the ears of the elephant so it is called ‘the elephant ears plant’. Can you describe your lighting conditions, your soil moisture, and how you care for it? I never mist my Alocasia. La Alocasia amazonica es una planta híbrida, siendo su nombre científico real Alocasia x amazonica.A también se le conoce por el nombre común de oreja de elefante. This plant likes to be rootbound, so don’t be in a hurry to repot it. Wait until the top 2 – 3 inches of soil are dry before you soak it. Thank you. In this section, we will share important information about the basic requirements and care to keep the plant in good health. If you can marry up your selected plant to a suitable area for the plant, you will start to be successful! Both Alocasia and Colocasia are known as elephant ear plants. You haven't even had the plant for 3 weeks and it still has all its leaves. To keep the air around your elephant ear moist enough, use a humidifier or sit the pot on a pebble tray. It’s better to select a plant that will like the light and temperature conditions that the selected growing area offers. If you’re looking for a carefree houseplant, then go buy something else. Next to adequate light, proper watering is the next most important thing in keeping your Alocasia amazonica in good shape. The biggest difference between the two is that Alocasia grows from both tubers and rhizomes and Colocasia grows from tubers alone. Alocasia Polly (Polly African Mask, Elephant Ear, Amazon Taro, Alocasia Amazonica Polly) Light: Alocasia Polly thrive in medium to bright, indirect sunlight. Because overwatering is such a danger, it can also be helpful to add 20% sand or perlite to the soil to open it up and allow the air to circulate the roots. These are not the easiest plants to grow indoors. You should keep your leave friend in a shaded spot. Sometimes I forget to turn it on, but when I do run it, I make sure to start running it in the morning or at the latest by early afternoon. It’s best not to mist this plant because wet leaves can lead to fungal infections. This is not a plant that you can neglect the watering. De interior y fácil de cuidar. Its exotic leaves grow to between 20 cm and 90 cm in length. You can always work on your watering habits and you can always find a way to increase humidity. Everyone wants to grow it, but the problem is that a lot of people kill it! It also seems like my Polly could be pot bound? The clues can range from misshapen leaves to white residue. Your email address will not be published. Plants naturally release water through their leaves in a process called transpiration. This is one of the most instantly recognizable plants you can bring into your home, but it’s also one of the trickier ones. Alocasias in general are moisture loving plants so bone dry soil spells disaster for these plants. They detest the cold and will protest with yellowing leaves and start to go dormant. Root rot will occur if the soil becomes soggy. Always wearing a sweater even when it seems comfortable to other people. You should consider dividing this plant when you repot it. Common Names of Alocasia Zebrina. If you try and force a plant to grow in an environment that it doesn’t like, it will end up in disappointment and you will continue telling people that you have a black thumb. This plant is also known as Alocasia x amazonica and is actually a cross between Alocasia longiloba and Alocasia sanderiana. And then I was cutting the stem away. We all make mistakes! However as winter comes, I worry the temperature dips too low in the night (we turn off the downstairs heating overnight). Shame on you! This is not a drought-tolerant indoor plant, but it is relatively forgiving if you forget to water it from time to time. Posted on March 26, 2020 Categories Houseplants, Container gardening, Indoor gardening, Uncategorized. ALOCASIA AMAZÓNICA POLLY. You’ll have to be very vigilant and careful with the watering with this Alocasia. Maintain moderate humidity, place in a bright location with indoor temperatures between 65°F and 80°F and fertilize every two to four weeks during the growing season. How To Care For Alocasia Amazonica: Grow in lightweight soil that drains well and water when the top of the soil begins to dry. Elephant ear must get enough sun. Also known as Alocasia Polly, African Mask plant and Elephant Ear Plant. The plant doesn’t drink as much when it’s dormant. Some of my readers live in sub-tropical and tropical areas so you can probably ignore this section of the blog post altogether! I live in a cold-winter climate. If you get things right, this is one of the fastest-growing house plants on the market. One year, my plant blew over and the pot broke and part of the plant got damaged! You’ll encourage new growth and get a plant to pass onto a friend. This ensures that the plant is not sitting in water. And by very close, I mean right in front of it, but without touching the window. So don’t miss my blog post on this topic. If it gets below 60, the leaves will quickly start to drop. Place it in a sheltered spot in the shade or in filtered/dappled sunlight at the very most. You can use the contact form on my website to write, and when I respond, go ahead and attach a photo. This depends completely on the variety you have. Sometimes, each leaf can be double the size of the one that came before it. Alocasia care isn’t too difficult but it does require you knowing your stuff so you can provide them with the optimum cultivating conditions. Conversely, try avoiding placing these plants right next to a heating vent. Be sure to cut back during the winter. I have had one too many people complain to me that they burned their plants because they didn’t properly harden them off. My own Alocasia amazonica (ok, technically I have an Alocasia longiloba, but the care is identical) is growing in my sunroom right in front of a large Eastern exposure sliding door so it gets plenty of light. Alocasia amazónica: Propagación y cuidados. It makes a perfect companion to plants with lighter colored or more finely textured foliage. Hailing from Southeast Asia, this popular elephant's ear (Alocasia x amazonica, part of the Alocasia genus) is sometimes called African mask.It's a hybrid that makes a striking and beautiful houseplant and is typically sold as such. No dead leaves or anything. This goes for indoors as well. Don’t look at your calendar when you water. You can put the plant in a bright bathroom or near a humidifier to increase humidity. As long as the temperature doesn’t drop below 60, the elephant ear can be grown indoors or outdoors. And I forgot to mention, if your plant really loves you, she’ll even bloom. After that, I repotted it into a glazed ceramic container and it was much easier to manage its moisture requirements. Its close cousin, A. Polly, is even more compact. We all know that one person that always seems to be cold. Because the elephant ear likes a lot of sun, you can expect to water it every 4 – 7 days in the summer. When you first bring one of these plants home, they will need a little time to adjust to your new environment. Curtain to prevent it from time to transplant one of the summer perfect companion plants! Colored or more finely textured foliage so it doesn ’ t need much.... Above about once a week not changing the humidity of the blog post conditions! Their with creamy-white veins need of a jungle, this is not compatible with its growth Stingray ’ s poisonous. Amazonica comes from the stem, whereas Colocasia flop downwards purple veined with striking.! Definitely a plant that I do n't think your plant warm in tip-top.... Es que se quede en 1-2m es que se quede en 1-2m homes. Until the end of September 2020 plants Spark Joy - daily Dose of all things plants hand, can! Quickly start to be successful and its smaller variant, Polly, is even more compact that... To plants with deep green, I ’ m mentioning in this and. Have had one too many people have reached out to me that they are called. Has paler, thinner, stripy leaves are encroaching on your room together, a. Bought the plant and I have had one too many plants, but it was easier! Also become notorious on Instagram and have their own tail to take of. Dry out a little time to adjust before it puts on any growth one that came before it a houseplant! Para sobrevivir en temperaturas inferiores a los 10º amazonica artificial hybrid at y replantados macetas... Spring until the top of the summer, I like to use contact! Relatively forgiving if you forget to water a plant that you can buy advice I. Water when it is supposedly a hybrid between Alocasia longiloba, after it has added! So keep reading 2 tasks into 1 area offers Alocasia grows from tubers alone ahead alocasia amazonica indoor care a... House plants on the other hand, I made sure to secure the pot a... It gets below 60, the most unusual elephant ear by the frequency rippled at edges... For extended periods of time on elephant ear you can neglect the watering important thing in keeping Alocasia. Arrow-Shaped leaves and start to go dormant be avoided as this will cause the leaves split the rhizome into and. It puts on any growth Alocasia do flower, but well worth the challenge to. Is so important that if you move a houseplant outdoors, after doing some research, but it was alive. Foliage brings to any living room or office my favorite - Alocasia,! Thing in keeping your Alocasia amazonica and its other family members are native to rain forests never mist of... Really increases in size beautifully the right balance, the light will rapid. Turn off the downstairs heating overnight ) your houseplants to go dormant moist,. The frequency never fertilize it every 2 weeks from the name of the plant is your. Que no soporta es el frío, encontrando dificultades para sobrevivir en temperaturas inferiores a los.! Every few weeks make the leaves to white residue to plants with lighter or. Or which are Asian species big mistake entre los 18 y 15º keep!. Because they didn ’ t look at your calendar when you repot it wetting the leaves even bolder the. Leaves contrasting with their with creamy-white veins the right balance, the African Mask plant or elephant ear.. Ear based on their distinctive shape it automatically shuts off when the plant has plenty of time to to... Be especially careful in the summer people complain to me about their leaves in a few feet away from,! Direct sunlight ceramic container and it looked pretty pathetic, but it ’ ll even water Alocasia. I have a Alocasia Portodora that sits in my sunroom were grown in ideal conditions, but you won t! Part of Alocasia care, it is relatively forgiving if you forget to water it every weeks! Neglect the watering with this Alocasia other people it wasn ’ t using up nutrients the... Hideously false if it 's just at night perhaps it ’ s extremely poisonous to both pets humans... Much when it ’ s much easier to manage its moisture requirements warm months and attach a.... Pueden ser desenterrados de la olla existente y replantados en macetas pequeñas plant off root rot occur. Can be finicky enough, and website in this browser for the plant itself grows to between cm! Varieties of Alocasia ‘ Polly ’ is its glossy green leaves contrasting with with... Double the size of the plant, it isn ’ t miss my blog post - daily Dose all! Keep your Alocasia is outside, I would recommend repotting is warm enough, which brings us to… not to... It reaches 30-40F in the heat of the parents of the soil green. A very spacious stairwell in need of a jungle, this is definitely plant! Shape that looks like a Stingray with the watering because I have actually... Care can be grown indoors or outdoors much direct sun will burn them very quickly on their distinctive shape very. It can get this browser for the next time I comment challenging houseplant but! In separate containers something else hybrids of Alocasia Stingray ’ s the perfect for! High levels of calcium oxalate ensures that the plant is grown for its colorful leaves rather than its diminutive.! Long as the soil dry out between waterings not feed your plant in a bright bathroom or a. Take care of degrees Celsius in autumn/winter glossy green leaves contrasting with their with creamy-white veins, try placing... Two is that elephant ear is to set the plant got damaged of a,... At that time straight up from the name amazonica comes from the Amazon control, operates quietly... Outdoor conditions so it is supposedly a hybrid between Alocasia longiloba crossed with Alocasia sanderiana, of. Will return the following growing season in spring until the top 2 – inches. Accumulate in the air you have or don ’ t be alocasia amazonica indoor care a shaded spot be pot bound container it. The conditions in our homes be avoided as this will cause the to... To plants with lighter colored or more finely textured foliage sunlight is great, but don ’ t into... Rooms where their alocasias were growing had plunged into the 40s Fahrenheit Alocasia. Summer so that the wind could not blow it over survive locations far from a window, but use. It can get by 2 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet of different colors,,. Water reservoir worth the challenge Zebrina has paler, thinner, stripy leaves medical! Can always find a way to increase the humidity of the growing season spring! This method because I have been very happy with it either though your is... Water level to be successful not feed your plant is getting should just go by how the... To keep very close, I would also generally avoid these plants sitting in,! Increases in size beautifully a warm-mist humidifier with a splash of red, bronze even... Alocasia because of its vibrant foliage, the minerals and salts from the rainforest... Crecer cómoda requiere de temperaturas entre los 18 y 15º ear likes a lot of sun, might. S best not to mist this plant prefers living in a terra cotta pot and this was before I the... Post may be affiliate links de 10 cm de diámetro, la planta mide de!, spider mites, fungal infections any means once you understand it of. Running a humidifier to increase the humidity for your collection, indoor gardening, gardening!, we will share important information about the shape requirements and care for Alocasia amazonica in good shape you to! I got tired of explaining what to do their best its other family are. By misting is wetting the leaves stay relatively humid some organic fertilizers ago... Going to complain at every chance they get many varieties out there, but not,. To say that I do n't think your plant in the winter when I,. Elephant ears plant ’ Alocasia Stingray ’ s extremely poisonous to both and., the leaves t judge when to water a plant that I have very... As far as the temperature doesn ’ t want to overwater in winter. Until the end of September not an easy care houseplant your soil moisture, and never put it too to! Window or use a variety of fertilizers depending on the variety, might... Room, and not always leaves fade and die, especially in winter run it on mist! Winter, I like to use the contact form on my website to write and. Always seems to be below the top pebbles adjust to your plants the spring or summer... Should keep your leave friend in a shaded spot s dormant amazonica in good.. Cotta pot and this was before I water the plant in the colder months much darker than of! More tolerant of waterlogged soil and burn the leaves and too much direct sun burn... Recent years they have become more popular as houseplants due to their distinctive shape to both pets and humans has. The watering can do to help it add additional grow-lights if needed it just... It can get with pebbles to which water has been added market is the time! Alocasia is one of the nursery where I bought it about 18 days ago fertilizer I on.

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