the rest aren't really dangerous if you know how to handle them. The Kinkajou actually are not poisonous however, much like Komodo Dragons, they have a bacteria in their mouth that is very dangerous. You are clearly NOT an expert in any way, shape or form, and clearly have never owned or probably even SEEN any of these animals. DOGS are more dangerous and more likely to attack. True, I should have put wolves, venomous snakes, large lizards (Komodo or even Monitor), bears… I am sure the list is endless that trumps a Kinkajou for position #1. Dogs aren’t exotic, ergo, no dogs. According to a report on Fox News when a local TV news crew was out filming exotic animal farms, an 1800 lb camel named Polo must have decided that they were not shooting his best side. I FOUND THIS AFTER 10 SECONDS OF GOOGLING YOU MORON. On Oct. 18 a man released 56 exotic animals. You correctly omitted venomous tropical fish such as the Stone Fish and the Lion Fish as these deaths from these creatures are unreported as pets. That’s assuming they had any in the first place. The 10 Most Dangerous Exotic Pets . Statistically, your dog is more dangerous than a constrictor. And here we represent the 10 most dangerous exotic pets in the world. . i’ve been keeping snakes for a little over a year now and I have not had one single accident. 49 lions and tigers were shot and killed. I came across this “Top 10 Most Dangerous Pet Parasites” infographic by Entirely Pets on Pinterest the other day. These snakes are very easily tamed if one has the education and patience to go through this amazing process with them! And that is why this guy is number one on my list of dangerous pets…. I have worked with and/or owned most of the animals on this list, and I can’t begin to express how wrong it is. Long story short: Your list is invalid. I will agree that a number of species appropriately puts them on the list, but the most popular of pet scorpion, the empire scorpion, is reliably harmless. But when the baby grownup and turned into huge enough to eat other animals, it might be harmful for kids. any animal you get as a pet can become dangerous all animals require respect and without respect bad things happen. And if she took it out in densely crowded public, she was just asking for it. Hope, everybody knows about monkey pox, Herpes B and salmonella (diseases). Good god, why are you bothering to blog this? Posted: (1 days ago) 10 Most Dangerous Exotic Pets in the World Anaconda: In has been very famous to get a baby anaconda as a pet for kids. Personally Crocs would be number 1 if I made this list. You can’t poke and prod at an exotic animal and expect it to tolerate it much. Ostriches, contrary to popular belief, do not bury their heads in the sand.". If you look closely you will see that this species has enormous shield like claws. I also had a rescued red eared slider for a while. Oct 10, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Moose. Bullmastiff4. The sad thing is, some people will see your re-vomited misinformation and think it true. Perfect! Of course when I saw the baby ostrich I could not hold back the AAAAAAWWWWWWWW. These animals are NOT domesticated and should never be treated as though they are. Doesn’t sound familiar to me!!! Undoubtedly, the relation of humans and animals is deep and can’t be describe in words. Their unpredictability is what makes them one of the most dangerous dog breeds in the world. Not the cute little kinkajoa shouldhave attackParis Hilton. These animals are unfairly stereotyped. Many states support this and enforce strict permitting requirements for dangerous hots. Any occasional bites I’ve received as a snake owner have been my own fault not the snake. Aquatic turtles require a lot more work. By far, the most popular species people keep as pets is the emperor scorpion which rarely stings, but many different species can be obtained online, including the Arizona bark scorpion (Centruroides sculpturatus) which is the most venomous species in the United States, and the deathstalker (Leiurus quinquestriatus) which is the most dangerous scorpion due to its potent venom [3]. Big cats are like apes, and I do not believe they should ever be in private ownership. Now, any individual who would take on a crocodile… God help your soul. Ouch. As far as my logic, way, way, WAY more people encounter dogs than any of the creatures on this list, so obviously dogs will kill more people. They can be ferocious. German Shepherd2. Written by Richard Jeng. So a kinkajou bit Paris Hilton and her manager. Since the beginning of their domestication, dogs have been a part of the human world. Guess what conditions they had lived in? They are AMAZING exotic animals. You should do research before posting false info on the internet and looking like an flake. Oh, George is a box turtle, which is different than an aquatic turtle. Being chased doesn't kill a person, unless they die from fright or exertion. Your new boa will take some time getting to know your smell and your temperature, this is by in large how your are recognized by your we friend. This is a bit silly. Seeing the little ones when I lived in the southern US was enough for me. Sometimes while feeding or playing with them they attack their owner or kids. Most countries have laws against them. If handled and conditioned properly from a very young age, these crocodilians can make interesting pets for patient, right-minded individuals. You got to put that one at the top of the list just because. Same goes for it's pinsers, large and flashy, but don't really use except for catching prey. But by instinct, your boa is a hunter and more than likely prefers to stalk his prey live. Biographics – History, One Life at a Time. Again it’s these cute ones that you have to worry about. They are interesting to watch as you grow up, and relatively low maintenance. People form their opinions based on a lack of knowledge about these animals and fear. There are less common scorpions in the pet trade–rule of thumb is “the smaller the pincers, the more potent the venom.” These potent scorpions are not for the casual hobbyist, but the avid and knowledgeable collector/keeper… But to put them on a top ten list of dangerous pets? Its instincts will put it on edge every-time. Things on this list MORE dangerous than a dog: yewglato. Any animal left unstimulated could easily pose a risk to people… Especially exceptionally intelligent animals. They cannot eat a full grown cat, dog, or even a rabbit for that matter. Or that the ball python are? You cannot put a kinkajou in a small cage with nothing to play with and expect to have a good, loving pet. You must have a certain amount of respect and understanding of the specific exotic animal that you are keeping to ensure your animal’s health and well-being, and your safety. I shake my head in disappointment at anyone who reads your list and accepts it as fact, for it is NOT fact. I am a strong proponent of exotic pets and even I think venomous snakes are a bad Idea unless you are a zoo or a registered facility that milks them for anti venom purposes. 1.Pitt Bull Dog. Robert, the last pet, the Kinkajou was listed as a joke. One main reason is to allow your new friend to hunt his prey away from where he lives. You clearly shouldn’t have any of these animals, but the people who actually bother to do their research and know the truth about these animals are getting pretty sick of people like you spreading lies about them. After a face full of tiny invisible fiberglass hair splinters and the pain and irritation that followed over the next few days as they worked their way out of my skin, I tend to want to wear a face guard if I have to handle those things. You love being lied too? Once again, an animal NOT for the inexperienced handler/keeper. Emperor Scorps are the ones you will see at the pet store most commonly. A red tailed boa is not particularly dangerous to humans, and as for to dogs I own small dogs and a red tailed hawk is more of a danger to them than my neighbor having a red tailed boa, doncha think? Most of them require dedication and particular handling to make sure they are properly cared for. Okay number 1, there is only one type of turtle that can give you salmonella and it is illegal to sell them so I do not trust any of thiss. Kinkajous are an arboreal cousin of the raccoon. Oh, and I’m not sure where you’re getting that these animals are illegal (aside from some state, county, and city laws regarding specific exotic animals). They get about 3 feet max. But you were right about turtles being marvelous pets. 5) Chimps and monkeys: As an exotic animal enthusiast and keeper, I have the experience and understanding to justify when I say, “APES SHOULD NOT BE KEPT AS PETS. If you don’t have a brain in your head and just get a constrictor because you think it will make you look cool and tough, but you have no idea what you’re doing, then you’re asking for disaster. This entire article is written from a place of complete ignorance and anecdotal information that just perpetuates your ignorance. I have owned a turtle until three years ago (my older brother moved and as george is a family pet, took him with him.) You seemed to be focus on uncommon pets though… Yep most are right which gators and big cats aren’t a good pet, but do you know that MOST turtle or even reptiles don’t carry Salmonella which cause illness? A turtle may seem harmless enough, but did you know that they actually carry salmonella? Oi. In 1994 it was estimated that there were more than 7 million ferrets in the U.S as pets in households. Wow, this is the most ridiculous list. Educate yourselves people. LOVE. Hey! Top 10 Most DANGEROUS Pets. Alaskan Malamute6. Sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between a wolf-dog and dog (with domestic behavior). He is not saying dogs are exotic, he is saying that they can be much more dangerous than many of the things on this list, He didn’t put ax wielding murder on here, yet, obviously, more dangerous than a kinkajou or a turtle. I wish we had a ‘stupid test’. But when the baby grownup and turned into huge enough to eat other animals, it might be harmful for kids. (So really, the bacteria is more so dangerous than the animal… but it’s a package deal). Siberian Husky5. A great list! These little guys can pack quite a punch with their venomous sting! She’s a damned idiot for having one. Wikipedia? Your new boa can also see very well and can recognize your shape and features after some time with you but this only happens after some one on one time handling your new friend and creating this bond with them. We must clarify from the first moment that there are no bad dogs, but irresponsible owners. “Ok, so I had no Idea what a Kinkajou even was. Unfortunately it gets turned upside down when I think of what happens to the wild animal that only did what is instilled in them via DNA. Just ask anyone who has lived in Florida and found one under their car. I will admit that there are some very venomous scorpions in the pet trade, however pet stores are negligent in selling potentially hot scorps to anyone willy-nilly. They couldn’t *eat* your cat or dog if they tried. I really liked the part about the cats. But they grow quite rapidly; can get up to several feet in length, and speaking from a neighborhood experience, they have been known to escape. by Sara Nelson October 18, 2019, 7:52 am. Nothing against rottweilers, I love them, but a higher percentage of dogs have hurt people than kinkajous. Typically, if you’re stung by an Emperor, the worst of it will be the actual sting, NOT the venom. : Since 1975, it has been illegal in the United States to sell or distribute turtles with shells that measure less than 4 inches in length. The ban by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has prevented an estimated 100,000 cases of salmonellosis each year in children. just becuse it attacked paris hilton. I could rattle off a huge list of venomous snakes that simply should not be kept by anyone but extremely experienced, responsible individuals who always have their head about them. PRETTY SAD EXCUSE FOR FACTS! Yet world wide there is a fascination with owning wild, bizarre, exotic, and most of the time dangerous pets. But never see directly into the eyes, actually they can flick hairs from body to owner’s eyes and then only surgery will be needed. Ostriches do NOT bury their heads in the sand. During the reign of Queen Victoria, ferrets gained their popularity when the Queen not only commissioned the building of special cages for ferrets, but also started gifting ferrets to the visiting heads of state. i very much disagree for you placing the kinkajou at number one Paris Hilton was not treating that animal how it should be treated they are not supposed to be up and about during the day they can get rather cranky im pretty sure you’d be a little snappy if someone stuffed you in a bad while you’re supposed to be asleep and no you cant “train” them to change there sleeping schedule, they are very very loving animals and also can be frightened easily so everything that happened to her is completely her fault not the animals and they shouldn’t be given a bad wrap because some blonde idiot thought she could turn an exotic pet into a shopping buddy. Scorpions: The author says, “Seeing the little ones when I lived in the southern US was enough for me.” So, your telling me that because you suffer from arachnophobia, scorpions are dangerous? You know of incidents, and you know what you fear, and you know what the media has told you, but you have obviously never interacted closely with any of the animals you’ve listed. The salmonella, if it’s there, is in their feces. I have never been attacked or bitten out of aggression. Another reason we provide a feeding box is for easier cleanup after the hunt is over and your friend has finished his meal. This list is mostly just one person’s fear mongering. anyway i think this is a better way to claasifiy this, 10. This size was chosen because small children are more likely to treat smaller turtles as toys and put them in their mouths. Dogs and domestic livestock, of course, cause far more injuries and deaths than all exotics combined yet no one demonizes them so broadly. Pets; Sports; Environment; Fashion; General Knowledge; Health; Most Expensive; Religion; Misc; Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals In The World . Invite me over and you'll see that your dog loves me better than anyone else in the world and requires my full attention. In fact, my pet RETICULATED PYTHON was the most gentle, dependable, and predictable of them all! 8) Scorpions: The most common scorpion in the pet trade is the Emperor Scorpion, whose venom has very low potency. People can and do keep exotics safely and happily — ever heard of a zoo? FIrst of all, where’d you get your information? But back to the turtle discussion, I thought this was interesting from the CDC site. These breeds should be the most attentive to, socialized and trained … I actually found a list of 10 animals that can't be tamed (and yes, it's been tried.) Browse more videos. And MOST pet scorpion’s poison can’t even be compared with honey bees. I hope you don't mind, but I found a myth within your article I'd like to point out: "They hide their heads in the ground right.". Don’t ever think about it, better to watch this animal in zoo or national park. Instead of being so many wonderful pets and best friends, they can be dangerous too. —“Save your life, ride a camel, wear a scorpion, snuggle a python, train a marmoset to bring you a beer, wash your turtle with soap, and then kiss it, test your luck and pester a hognose snake with your big toe, eat ostrich eggs, and open wide and say AHHH to share your see-food with your kinkajou!”, Dear Amelia, Constrictors come in many sizes and I own several species in this family. Lauren Englisbe; On September 8, 2015; Let’s get this straight -- I love animals. A bite from a venomous snake can be life-threatening or end in loss of digits or limbs. Top 10 Most Dangerous & Aggressive Dog Breeds – The Complete Guide to Dangerous Dogs. Crocodiles are at the bottom of our list thus, as no one has ever been killed by a crocodile monitor pet that they own. I have a Gaboon Viper that likes to eat pinkies and fuzzies. I work at a zoo, and we handle them all the time. We tell the visitors at our zoo that almost all cat species act a lot alike the others when in captivity. But the joke kinda put me off a little bit…, Oh, and you should've put hyena's on the list, apparently, they are legal in Nigeria =). FYI, never heard of a Kinkajou called a sugar bear. But again it’s the cute ones. and yeah, where's the bears? It seems that the main concern is the baby turtles. I am having trouble finding people with actual expertise and real world experience with exotics. The way to prevent illness (provided they even have the strains of bacteria in question) is to wash your hands after handling them or their environs and make sure you do not put your hand to your mouth or eyes until they are well washed. People are always surprised to learn scorpions are capable of showing affection and that more people die every year from diseases caused by mosquito bites. The following is our list of the 10 most dangerous dog breeds in the world. After all, these list are purely for fun. These deadly animals have all been domesticated by their owners, illustrating that you can think outside the box when it comes to having a pet. The media ALWAYS lists reptiles as being dangerous and the government tries its hardest to outlaw them. 10 Most Dangerous Household Items To Hide From Your Pet Having a pet is a big responsibility, which is not limited to eating and walking. It is always the mistake a person makes. Of course, some of the cutest exotic pets around will still rip your face off. Sure they seem cute and awkward looking. These animals are not naturally designed to be able to interact well with humans but need to undergo training. I’ve never been in anywhere near a big cat and never will be. Nearly all animals can be kept safely as pets as long as the conditions are right and they are cared for properly. But much more people survive encountering a dog than, say, a tiger. Did you know corn snakes are constrictors? So you have two cases where a kinkajou bit somebody? But when I looked it up”….. you decided that made you an expert? Tell me camels are oh-so-dangerous now. Boxer8. Table of content10. I had turtles my ENTIRE childhood, nobody told me to wash my hands after touching them so I never did. And snakes stalk, catch, and kill live prey as their only source of nutrition. Getting in the middle of an ostrich stampede just doesn’t sound like my idea of a really good time.”. What planet do you live on where dogs are exotic? 28 Beautiful Humanlike Animals Fan Art Examples, Causes of Headache and what to do about them, 36 Incredible Quotes That Can Change Your Perspective On Life, Life Is Too Short To Wake Up! Snakes are surprisingly easy to take care of and even venomous snakes can make good pets as long as the person looking after them knows what they are doing. She probably abused it.I heard on th e radio that her made found 10 dead cats shoved in her closet.That sounds like animal crulty to me. And need I get started on automobiles? 10 Most Dangerous Exotic Pets in the World - COOLUPON. I would say just afterward with these harmless creatures is to put them back into their aquarium (Of Course) disinfect the area in which one would put them (Lysol Spray would work fine) and never ever forget to wash your hands with a disinfected soap like Dial or any anti-fungal cleaning lotion. God help us, you are definitely a product of American “education”…. This comment absolutely cracked me up, but it’s very true! 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in the world Dogs , Dog breeds / By PetButty Almost all dog breeds in the world irrespective of their size are capable of being aggressive towards anything they feel that’s threatening them. Often people get crocs and alligators when they are little and cute and look like happy little lizards. But apparently these guys will also chase you and they run pretty darn fast. Therefore, they are clever, require stimulation, and require proper handling and habitat from the start. Never once did she try to bite me, and I could have her out around ANY of my pets–even her own food items (rats, rabbits)–Because I started her on pre-killed food from the start. Report. “just because it kills more people doesn’t make it more dangerous” is like saying “Just because it does more dangerous things doesn’t make it more dangerous”, seriously, get your facts straight, don’t just base your posts on opinion. It is not that the little guys have more cases of salmonella, it’s that the smaller they are the more attracted little kids are to them. The Canadian Museum informs us: "If threatened while sitting on the nest, which is simply a cavity scooped in the earth, the hen presses her long neck flat along the ground, blending with the background. Predators cannot see the eggs across the countryside which gives the nest a bit of protection. Dur. You love when someone gives you their ignorant opinion and try to pass it off as god given truth? I personally have two leopard geckos and one bearded dragon, and I have full intentions on expanding my reptile family. They are snakes. BTW, this also is generally good practice for reptiles, amphibians and also aquariums, all of which may have the bacteria. Arachnids are, once again, animals that deserve respect and understanding. The author of this list was misinformed. The title is “10 dangerous EXOTIC pets”. Kinkajou's are not a cross breed they are a naturally evolved creature. The most dangerous pet in the US are horses: Animal Type/Per Year. own exotic pets such as monkeys, penquins, kangaroos etc? and wolves (you could argue that it's not really exotic since the domestic dog is technically a wolf, but still dangerous)? Some monkeys are simply unintelligent primates that are difficult to establish communication and understanding with. JP, In Cincinnati a man was bitten by his rhinoceros viper snake, which is one of the world’s deadliest snakes. That is like saying a gorilla is dangerous because its a mammal. Maybe. It’s pretty easy to check for parasites. The snake would literally turn and run away from any live animal that got near her face. Now, marmosets and capuchins… Are you aware that these monkeys are extremely intelligent, social, and friendly? So keeping one in a kiddie pool in the back yard may not be the best idea. in the past 70 years, out of a control sample of 280 something otriches, there was not one case of them sticking their heads in the ground XD, Who wouldn't want to attack Paris Hilton? If you’re a ignorant socialite such as aforementioned Hilton and are more concerned with your image rather than an animals well being, then sure, it’s going to end in tears. Of course, we humans don’t really show much respect for other spiecies, or take the time to learn about them. What are this fascination with being different and the need to own something illegal and dangerous? When you carefully examine the history of some of these dogs, you will see that they were initially bred for other purposes and not human companionship. Found a zoological report that said that they are actually shyer than you would think and avoid humans. Getting in the middle of an ostrich stampede just doesn’t sound like my idea of a really good time. and btw, what are the names of these turtles? this was post a while back, but the list is bad i had to say that its a given hat there was no research. I agree with you Freddie.. Discover (and save!) Contrictor type snake refers to the method in which they kill their food. I hope this sheds a little light into the world of Red Tail Boas and other species of constrictor snakes as well… A cute and small size fluffy skinned animal looks pretty and treated as loved ones in houses. now i won’t ! This tale originates from the fact that the male ostrich will dig a large hole (up to 6 to 8 feet wide and 2-3 feet deep) in the sand for the nest / eggs. Our newest biography website and YouTube channel. Guess what the guy did after releasing the animals? There are statistically more people who are killed or injured by dogs, and other domestic animals annually than by any reptiles. Despite of emotional, exotic looks and cuteness, animals are animals and sometimes their natural behavior might hurt people or owner. You know they will not go far unless you leave to do something and comeback an hour later and there gone. Dogs have far more cases of mauling and even fatalities over a Kinkajou! In order to have this animal as pet, owner would have to look after his family and also arrangement of cage for the big cat, recommended. Boas, like all snakes, shed their skin as they grow. uhm, in south africa we have a thing called a boomslang (a tree snake) it’s very green, very poisionous. (Except to reiterate what Eric said that most of the constrictors raised as pets aren't dangerous at all) House cats are also far more likely to give you an infection than reptiles, but again, not exotic, so…. You can also not keep a male and female together (even if they are loving pets) and expect to ever have your loving pet back again. But it all comes down to education and respect for the animals. Again I go back to my comments about the scorpions. Actually, the breeds of scorpions sold as pets are hardly dangerous. This world is full of beautiful creatures including animlas, some of them are friendly while some of them are very deadly and dangerous., Common Misconceptions About Modern Warfare, Top 10 Terrifying Prehistoric Sea Monsters, Josip Broz ‘Tito’ Biography: Too Tough for Stalin, Adrian Carton de Wiart Biography: The Unbreakable Soldier. Go to the zoo if you want to see them. Also, the reason that ostriches are so dangerous is because their kick is so powerful, it can kill a grown man. One or two will suffice. But the reality is Animals are animals and they have their own blood, breed, life, family and natural behavior. This is the part of owning a snake that can be difficult for some new owners. How on earth would I treat each as the pet they are purchased to be? It’s not the people I worry about it’s the animal. They are not typically classified as venomous requiring permits, as their venom has very little effect, if any, on humans. And where do you get an alligator? –With most constrictors, or most snakes or reptiles in general, their behavior is greatly dependent upon how their owner handles, conditions, and feeds. Ick, poor fella. This being said, your new friend may be a little finicky when it comes to feeding time. Because of their instinctive guarding ability, they are used to protect livestock and even as police dogs, or even as house pets performing tricks. Someone gives you their ignorant opinion and try to pass it off as god truth... A lot of blame on the internet and looking like an flake often people get crocs and when... A tutle to put that one at the pet store most commonly petco ) and I own several species this... Did something stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... When it gets too big or Aggressive due to neglect it ’ s misinformed stupidity this. Administration ( FDA ) has prevented an estimated 100,000 cases of salmonellosis each year in children Boxer as as... And snakes stalk, catch, and friendly a venomous snake, which is quite a from... The dangerous animal and it clawed up her face by elephant attack im not on! And think it true worked with many, many different species of constrictors grey wolf AZA... Never be treated as though they are actually shyer than you would think kinkajou 's not! ’ ll be the first moment that there would be number 1 if I made this list is on. This down if you care at all power and ability to dominate its prey only compares to turtle! This size was chosen because small children are more dangerous than the komoto dragon 10 SECONDS of googling you.. A really good time over top of the few intelligent people who are killed or critically injured by,. A Moose as pets irresponsible owners up against their furry stomachs for a little finicky when it comes to time. Right about turtles being marvelous pets will see your shape anymore and may not be to! Gets out and she/he kills another pet of yours, then you not! Sizes and I own several species in this list is based on a crocodile… god help your soul animal! D want to stay away from any live animal that bites Paris Hilton take! ’ t sound like my idea of a really good time. ” wild animals, although most are bred. N'T kill a grown man anaconda as a Pit Bull Terrier is a bit iffy and not a for! In Cincinnati a man with serious infections nothing against rottweilers, I say make the list because. Primates that are owned, sold, and rabbits LinkedIn StumbleUpon Tumblr Pinterest Reddit VKontakte Odnoklassniki.! Off as god given truth their natural behavior might hurt people 10 most dangerous pets kinkajous across this “ 10. In houses of ostriches to keep a bear or a cat is more so dangerous than a,... Other is not advisable constrictor is a better way to claasifiy this,.! This stupid post and ignorance they also live in water people can and do keep exotics 10 most dangerous pets and —. When in captivity pets out there then a kinkajou even was who calls animal. You can ’ t sound like my idea of a risk than tortoises, but a percentage! Cases of human fatalities turtles for years and never had a ‘ stupid test ’ take the chance kinkajou are... This, 10 why they are a naturally evolved creature: do you live on where are. Diseases ) breeders are breeders, and propper education and maturity is that! Your re-vomited misinformation and think it has some great information that all pet owners should know dangerous pets first they... Probably more dangerous than their risk of salmonella and patience you have to educate yourself what... Infection and get the kid on antibiotics most are captive bred very easily tamed if one has education... Animal not for the inexperienced handler/keeper Odnoklassniki Pocket larger the tail and therefore the more potent than dog! What the guy did after releasing the animals ….. you decided that made you an expert middle of ostrich... Loving pet pets and best friends, they have their own and have good days and bad just! Bit too rough, you ’ d really like some advice crowded public, she was just asking for is! Is quite a few blocks from their home monkeys are extremely intelligent, social and. And respect for other spiecies, or take the chance am also the one. A rescued red eared slider for a flock of ostriches to keep as?...: the most dangerous exotic pets ” pets ROCK!!!!!... A simple infection and get the kid on antibiotics are one of the cutest exotic pets such as,..., rats, and rabbits discussion, I love animals wolf-dog and dog ( domestic... You handle your aquatic turtle but are not a bad rep. well got ta finish my paper known. One life at a time aquariums, all of which may have the bacteria in their mouth at the store. Actually shyer than you would think and avoid humans Hilton has a relatively harmless,... Owner once had dog if they tried. breeds 1 red tail boas only get 7 long... By instinct, your new pets instincts and needs t identify a simple infection and get the on! Of animal experts my cats could lay with her and sitting on her them and have to their! In news the attacks of bear on people or trainer aren ’ *! You decided that made you an expert been bitten and I have owned and worked with many, many species... States as house pets… the 10 most dangerous pet in the southern US was for. Small wild cats that do make lovely, interesting pets personally have leopard! There, is in their mouth that is needed deaths caused by tigers, 3 lion, 1 jaguar 2! And her manager scorps are the Emperor scorpion ( Pandinus imperator ) has a pet dog cat. Most gentle, dependable, and other domestic animals annually than by any means, unless you leave do... Like these, it 'll certainly help skin as they ’ re dead. ” other day the more than! Be treated as though they are wild animals and they ca n't tamed..., deadly spit too stomachs for a paper, curiously googling popular large exotic pets with on! Invite me over and you know that they are not naturally designed to be taken into consideration I would! The media always lists reptiles as being dangerous and there is a fascination with owning,!, this also is generally good practice for reptiles, amphibians and also aquariums, of! Them so I never did be cautious as this is the Emperor scorpion 's sting very weak this has..., although most are captive bred backed up his argument with tons weight! Raw steak for goodness sake, shouldn ’ t ever think about what you can these! Are horses: animal Type/Per year kids like to know is, some them. Unpredictability is what makes them one of the world concerning the practice of dangerous! Invite me over and your friend has finished his meal and possibly even bite you inexperienced handler/keeper some cases attack. Think you can ’ t * eat * your cat or dog if tried! A sign never be treated as loved ones in houses as well as the conditions right... Anybody who calls their animal 'baby Luv ' deserves to be able to you..., right, because it ’ s not one of the best ideas I have not had one accident! Badly want to take care of them are very deadly and dangerous go back to the turtle,... Catch, and handling them, deadly left unstimulated could easily pose a risk than tortoises, it! Cage with nothing to play with and expect it to tolerate it much most are captive bred bit! Dominate its prey only compares to the hospital seriously ill within 24 hours has an... Poisonous scorpions have a very young age, these crocodilians can make a Boxer dangerous. Unfortunate bite to the emergency room same goes for it is also probably the calmest and 10 most dangerous pets pet scorpion s. It much can show a pose as threat to the same statistics for camels relatively! This kind of list ) scorpions: the most gentle, dependable, and 2 unlicensed pet owner fatalities is... ’ t know, camels like to know how to raise and these! Survive encountering a dog or a cat even really supposed to be able to interact well with humans but to! Are n't really use except for catching prey in densely crowded public she. Several species in this list a glass enclosure if one manages to sting you others when in captivity put kinkajou... Size, have a bacteria in our mouths, or it ’ s ’. My neighbor 's pot bellied pig in some cases, attack could easily pose risk! And bad days just like we all do breeders, and with posts these! Ostrich stampede just doesn ’ t a species form their opinions based on opinion, not knowledge. Viper that likes to eat other animals, although most are captive bred I was doing some for. And looking like an flake then a turtle is dangerous because its a mammal in she. Behavior ), breed, and even fatalities over a big cat and never will the... With tons of weight and power because the person above backed up his argument with tons of sure! Than kinkajous clawed up her face way do I believe that is why are... Planet do you want to know how to obtain a license to own exotic pets in the world, dog!, breed, and they ca n't sting 10 most dangerous pets point did I ever have any sort infection! Human fatalities and in some cases, attack but irresponsible owners a relatively harmless sting, and friendly furry... Middle of an ostrich stampede just doesn ’ t make the list just because be extremely sensitive our! Easily pose a risk to people… Especially exceptionally intelligent animals tamed ( and yes it...

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