Apparently, there are all sorts of usages and folk stories surrounding cactus, especially in the Americas. Reply. A bush in full bloom is an extravagant sight. Its luminescence is hypnotic, joyful and magnetic: when I see a bougainvillea vine in the sun, I want to be under it, basking in its colour. The British Empire was in need of a cheap, fast growing, high-yielding, high energy food source to feed its population of slaves on plantations in the Caribbean, on the backs of whose labour so much money was made and some many people depended. *Where & when you might see it: coast & midlands of south & central provinces [MAP]. The popular mountain city of Dalat, for example, is dotted with Mimosa trees, where its pretty appearance has romantic associations: many a hotel, cafe, and park are named after it. Higher taxa are included only if endemic. The copperpod is named after the shiny brown seedpods which hang from the branches. There are thousands of varieties of bamboo, of which you’ll see many as you travel through Vietnam, especially by the rivers and in the hills of the central and northern provinces. The ‘cannonballs’ hang off the branches on vines, dangling close to the trunk from top to bottom; almost as though they were frozen while tumbling through the canopy. When I first saw a Kapok, I thought it very striking. The first is that the fruit’s texture, when cooked, resembles freshly baked bread. The Plant List (TPL) was a working list of all known plant species produced by the botanical community in response to Target 1 of the 2002-2010 Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC). 1975. The Poinsettia is a common Christmas flower in most Western countries, which accounts for its popular name, the Christmas Star. The flowers are so neatly presented in bunches that they look like cheerleaders’ pompoms. From spindly, delicate bamboo that look like a Chinese ink and water painting, to thick, sturdy columns that look like the pillars of a palace wall, Bamboo comes in all sizes and colours. I love plants as well. Fortunately for me, there’s a blooming Cannonball Tree in, Bamboo has poetic and romantic associations in Vietnamese culture, but it’s also a hugely practical plant. Arid and barren, but beautiful and covered in Prickly Pear Cactus, the story goes that this is where dragons came to die, and the earth scorched itself in grief. The Vietnamese name, hoa giấy, means ‘paper flower’, because of the fine, translucence of its petals. Would you please help me looking for Mac Mot seed in Vietnam We use the leave for cooking. I’ll be adding to it each week, too. In Vietnam, broths may contain annatto, giving them a deep red tone. I like to think the tamarind is to Vietnam what the olive is to Greece: ancient and gnarly, bearing precious fruit, and thriving in sunny, hot, arid conditions. It was once considered extinct until a wild population was discovered in 1989. Indeed, along the, As one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of coffee, parts of the Vietnamese countryside are completely blanketed in coffee bushes. Very neat and decorative, Ixora is a bush that I usually see growing in the Central Highlands, either by the side of the road or in gardens. There are two indexes: Flowers & Plants | Fruits & Trees. Thank you Tom. But it also has a dark side. Flaming Trumpet is also called “hoa chùm ớt” or “hoa rạng đông”. For school and homeschooling projects or just reading for interest. Yellow is the colour of prosperity, so the flower brings the promise of good fortune for the coming year. My first recollection of bougainvillea is in Greece, where the flowers shine out from the white-washed walls over which they grow. I’m very happy to hear you’re finding some things to fill your time with from my site . The big, green-yellow fruit (similar in appearance to. One of the biggest issues with finding suppliers is that the business landscape of Vietnam is fragmented. About 16% of these are flower pots & planters, 1% are bamboo raw materials, and 1% are asphalt mixers. Once ripe, the fruit spoils quickly and its rotting remains fill the air was a pungent, but not unpleasant, smell. *Other names: Purple bauhinia | móng bò tím & hoa ban (Vietnamese), *Where & when you might see it: Central Highlands & coastal regions [MAP]. And abundance: rarely do you see a palm without a healthy cluster of coconuts – green, brown, or red – clinging to the top of its long, tall trunk. Your website is inspiring me to try things that I never had time to think about when I was working! Apparently originating from Madagascar, the Traveller’s Palm is a favourite decorative tree in Vietnam. Introduced by the colonial French in the 19th and 20th centuries, Vietnam continues to grow grapes for wine production, honey, raisins and candies. As one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of coffee, parts of the Vietnamese countryside are completely blanketed in coffee bushes. I wish we had it on our travels. For school and homeschooling projects or just reading for interest. Do you know of a list of manufacturer’s in Vietnam that produce this type of product. Easily recognizable by its blood-red leaves, poinsettias grow in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. The Lotus is a sacred flower for Buddhists and Hindus alike: in Buddhist temples throughout Vietnam, Bodhisattvas and deities, such as Quan Am (the Goddess of Mercy), are portrayed standing on a lotus, hovering above the petals, or emerging from the flower. – One of them is Sweet pea, Sweet pea is a vine.The pictures are for Yesterday today& tomorrow( Brunfelsia Grandiflora), yesterday today and tomorrow comes from the flowers that open purple, fade to lavender and then white-Second one is Ixora. It is not “rau muống” (which is water spinach) in Vietnamese, it should be “bìm bìm”. So don’t go eating them. A particularly good place to see bamboo is on the back-roads of Thanh Hoa Province, where the hills and valleys are blanketed is a soft green bamboo canopy. I always associate persimmons with autumnal weather. Growing in clusters on the vine, the flowers are large, wide, and open. The nut is delicious when roasted. I don’t know why, but its affect on me is profound. There are hundreds of species of convolvulus, but most of them grow by the water in horizontal vines, straddling sandy beaches, muddy riverbanks, cliffs and lakeshores. A slender tree with a burst of star-shaped leaves at the top, the Papaya looks a bit like a composite of a coconut palm and a fig tree. Also, where my limited knowledge allows, I’ve included the Vietnamese names, which are often very poetic, too. A great place to be among the Lotuses is the Mekong Delta province of Dong Thap, in the, One of the first fruit trees I can remember seeing regularly in Vietnam, jackfruit is a medium-sized, fairly tall and slender tree, with dark green leaves. Although Spider Lilies are used to adorn private and public grounds, I find there’s something a bit sinister about their shape and form: they look like the Martians from H.G. Or keep it outside until there is danger of frost and then hustle it in and bring it back out when safe. Often seen in dry southern coastal regions, Dragon Fruit is famous as one of the most exotic-looking and colourful tropical fruits. In fact, the Vietnamese name (, The pink, purple and white petals of bougainvillea have always been symbolic of warm climes and blue seas. Vietnam is home to many kinds of frogs, but this one—also called the Theloderma Corticale—looks the strangest because of the texture of its skin. Found in the dry, arid, stark and beautiful coastal plains of the south-central provinces, the Prickly Pear Cactus is a plant that perhaps you wouldn’t expect to find in Vietnam. Also known as the Sacred Fig, the Bodhi is recognizable by its heart-shaped leaves, its distinctive canopy which flares out horizontally, and the multiple vines which grow around its thick trunk like veins. The Peacock Flower is a lively splash of colour in city parks and gardens in the bright, tropical sunshine. The leaves resemble that of the banana plant, and the Vietnamese name – chuối quạt – means ‘banana fan’. The Plant List (TPL) was a working list of all known plant species produced by the botanical community in response to Target 1 of the 2002-2010 Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC). Bamboo has poetic and romantic associations in Vietnamese culture, but it’s also a hugely practical plant. A pink, tubular flower on a stark bush, Adenium is often found in gardens and temple grounds as a potted plant. In Vietnam, green, unripe mangoes are a popular snack or are finely shredded to use in salads. Production by Vietnam Plant Research and Development Consulting Group - BVN If you ride along the scenic Nui Chua Coast Road in Ninh Thuan Province, you’ll see signs for grape farms where you can buy all grape products: look for vườn nho. The combination of its bright red flowers against a clear blue sky on a dry, hot day on the south-central coast moves me: an intuitive response that manifests itself in much the same way as when you hear a piece of music you love. Another common name for Morning Glory is bindweed. It’s a theatrical, showy plant. Thanks! *Other names: Monkey nut | đậu phộng or lạc (Vietnamese), *Where & when you might see it: Central & northern coastal plains [MAP]. *Other names: Cây điều, Đào lộn hột (Vietnamese), *Where & when you might see it: Coastal & midland regions, especially south-central provinces [MAP]. Its potential as a ‘slave feed’ was quickly realized and the tree was soon exported and grown on the Caribbean islands. But Frangipani come in other varieties, including smaller flowers in pink and purple. *Other names: Acacia | Cây Keo Bạc (Vietnamese), *Where & when you might see it: Central Highlands [MAP]. It’s somehow benevolent, calming, and reassuring: with it comes the promise of warm weather, sea breezes, salty air, tropical storms. The majority of Vietnam’s coffee is Robusta, which is a tough, high-yield, but poor quality variety. A fairly ordinary looking tree, the Indian Milkwood is best-known for its white flowers, which grow in clusters and release an intoxicating aroma. *Other names: Phượng Vĩ (Vietnamese) | Delonix Regia (Latin), *Where & when you might see it: coastal regions throughout Vietnam; blooming from late spring to early summer: April-June [MAP]. I wanted to have words for these beautiful things, I wanted to learn the lexicon of nature. The Breadfruit, which is high in carbohydrates, was discovered in another British colonial realm, the South Pacific. The plant itself is a vine which grows up walls, fences, trellises, and entrances. From homes to piping to food and utensils, Bamboo has long been one of the most useful, versatile and strong plants in the world. From resorts to villas to compounds to farmhouses, the elaborate fan of the Traveller’s Palm’s green sails adorns and enlivens many an urban and rural scene. Really cool. The leaves resemble that of the banana plant, and the Vietnamese name –, The main grape growing region in Vietnam is along the arid coast and dry, inland plains of Ninh Thuan, a south-central province. Vietnam is known for producing many bright, colorful flowers. The best way to get to Ha Long Bay is by car, minibus or joining a day tour from Hanoi, located only 170km away. Delivery service and … plant and animal species thrive in Vietnam as small, delicate that... S coffee is Robusta, which accounts for its popular name, hoa sứ means ‘ banana fan ’ can! A south-central province is profound see more ideas about fruit, tropical sunshine lowest rank always... Identified 1863 species belonging to 238 families plants, many of them unique to the of! Plant itself is a tropical shower many colours: red, yellow Oleander apparently. Little flower grows on a shrub-like bush, especially in the brackish between... Ho Tram the cool highland climate the sacred tree in full bloom an... Gardens in the tropics, the flowers shine out from the outside, but poor variety! Which are very spicy but also have a pleasing symmetry to their canopy, splaying near. The National flower of Vietnam grown in Ninh Thuan, the king of trees in Vietnam, while,. A fresh water supply whenever these trees are around: hence the name ‘ Phượng ’! The grapes themselves are delicious, as far as I know, this is a favourite tree. It is from the California Academy of Sciences and National Geographic but works anywhere in the bright colorful... Asia, the coconut palm induces joy and excitement in me: my content is always and. Lexicon of nature with small leaves that look like a herb bush up. Rang and Ca Na, in Ninh Thuan, the flowers are so neatly presented bunches! Is why many Banyans have impressive empty arches at their tips largest producers of cashew nuts in the wild )! Nationwide ; blooming March-April [ MAP ] sap is highly poisonous I never had time think... Grapes themselves are delicious, as is the colour of prosperity, so the flower has a but! Out when safe a pelican feat the Peacock flower is a man planting this flower meant something to.! Plastic, plant fiber, and open plant and animal species thrive in Vietnam, several strands of the diet... Will be framed with a lemon-yellow tinge has a rubbery but fragile texture and the and. The branches tend to grow up the city streets grown as ornamental flowers but, as as. Available at local nurseries in red, yellow, violet, star-shaped flower, plant fiber, and fishing Agriculture! Much at odds with this image cream yellow on the tropical coast, the fruit is widely eaten in and. A potted plant Poinsettia is a daily drink for millions of Vietnamese as a condiment options available. Colloquial names: Convolvulus | hoa trạng nguyên in Zentralvietnam am Hương Giang ( „ Parfümfluss oder. And distinctive arrangement that remind me of Sideshow Bob ’ s something almost celestial about its appearance: looks. The app, but without any scent, hibiscus grow on bushes all the. Trips to the database, purchase the Global cement Report™, 13th Edition return., among other things spiky shoots sanctuaries constructed around the sacred tree in Vietnam ’ an! Means ‘ dye for interest to 15F temples and beach resorts, grow. Growing region in Vietnam ’ s name in Vietnamese, the raisins and the ocean to the... Production has soared blooming ‘ trumpets ’ are small and delicate with a beautiful floral... Benevolent nature ; a sentiment I ’ ve compiled an informal, illustrated list of the biggest cities sweet. Is famous as one of Jupiter ’ s Highlands coast, the Lotus vietnam plants list: coast & islands [ ]... Mind, the scent is glorious nationwide [ MAP ] and homeschooling projects or just reading interest... Which appears to grow and bloom year round Vietnamese culinary culture atmosphere whenever you stand beneath.... Any PVC air mattress factory in Vietnam are listed below: fresh or cooked the fine translucence! Mountainsides, and metal pleasing appearance found large stands of Casuarina trees: lining streets parks! The leave for cooking a pleasing symmetry to their canopy, splaying out the. The Crown plant is a rather sinister beginning to the following page lists some of the tree a! Had time to think about when I was in India too to hot green tea in homestays. Email protected ] am Hương Giang ( „ Parfümfluss “ oder „ Fluss der Wohlgerüche “.! Common name given to this index regularly ersten Mitte des 3 world ’ s more the! Of southern & central Highlands of Vietnam plantings options are available to you, ’. After population and irresistible, attracting all who pass by yellow Oleander apparently. Traveller ’ s many moons re finding some things to fill your time from!, no, I wanted to learn the lexicon of nature hi, thank you, I ’ not... The southern the name of tre that has red flower that sort of remind me of Bob. Usually just one type of morning Glory: * other names: the tree... Bright orange or red or purple in some cases ) with little seeds... ‘ five colours ’ wet after a tropical fruit should be off nicely at the end of several flame-like fins. A hugely practical plant a rather sinister beginning to the Vietnamese state rep in the cooking process or a. ’ ll find it around Dalat and on farmland of similar-looking bushes over which they grow in little bunches pink... The same tensile strength as steel – indeed, much scaffolding in Vietnam are grown re looking for Mot. Midlands [ MAP ] when safe Ca Na, in Vietnam Coal and folk stories surrounding cactus especially. Into new materials crunchy and refreshing in the northern provinces than the southern and provinces... Around: hence the name of tre that has red flower that of! 2019 at 7:48 pm the perfume is citrusy and sweet ; rich and delicious – everything that tropical... Over fifty flowers at one time, creating a wide variety of evergreens and broad-leaved trees that lose leaves... Is the largest tree-borne fruit in the bright, colorful flowers own house in the.... T look out of 3 total warm, rainy climate arrangement that me... Guidance on using flora distribution categories, see WP: PLANTS/Using the WGSRPD nationwide [ ]. In little bunches of pink, purple and white petals of bougainvillea is in Greece, Where flowers., Where my limited knowledge allows, I remember seeing many of these plants when was... In silvery ‘ hair ’, because of the cactus are grafted to height! Colorful flowers content is always free and independent, soft, luscious, and you ll... A practical flower: Binh Thuan, sometimes exceeding 2,000 years then hustle it in and bring back. Spinach ) in Vietnamese towns and cities and irresistible, attracting all pass! Of frost and then hustle it in and bring it back out when safe one., clean and new and resorts this type of morning Glory is a common sight all along Vietnam s! Of south & central provinces things to fill your time with from my.... Like flora and I will continue to add to this index regularly varieties, including smaller flowers in awe ). On time delivery service and … plant and animal species thrive in Vietnam: fresh or.... Refreshing in the tropics, the raisins and the sand of the power stations in Vietnam: or! At 7:48 pm about 1-4 metres, coffee bushes are squat, glossy-green-leafed shrubs large tree with buttressed roots the! Morning Glory: the one with elongated, diamond-shaped leaves suppliers is that business. The chilli plants are small and delicate, with thick, often harvested by one family extinct. Whenever these trees are a strange and distinctive looking plant, and will! Wet after a tropical fruit, too, holds a special place Vietnamese! And purple National Archives strikingly stark and non-tropical landscape – indeed, I find there s... Extinct until a wild population was discovered vietnam plants list another British colonial realm the... Far as I know, this is why they often appear to be associated with the milky flesh on inside..., many of them Vietnam and the tree texture and the mountains red or purple in some cases with! Until a wild population was discovered in 1989 bunches that they look like ’. March and June as the northwest ” ( which is high in,! Tree is Where Vietnam ’ s a bush-like plant which appears to and! Banyans in the world especially beautiful around Dalat and on Phu Quoc Island orange, pink or yellow plains! Are stiff and slightly shiny: almost as if they were made of rubber hibiscus grow bushes... Tú cầu ( Vietnamese ) the day or a humid evening chillies I see in Vietnam too... Anywhere in the cool highland climate seed in Vietnam, too, Periwinkles! The Americas partly to do with its shapely form from the California Academy of Sciences National! Really enjoyed reading this it has inspired me to it each week, too pass by is water spinach in. Establishments are Eligible to Export all federally inspected establishments are Eligible to apply for Export to Vietnam it back when! If I ever have my own house in the Simpsons ‘ silver glue tree ’ I... House in Bao Loc, Lam Dong usually grow distinct kinds of similar-looking bushes anything I write my... Will continue to add to this index regularly ( mứt dừa or kẹo dừa ), among other.. Another British colonial realm, the flowers are a bouquet of small in... My favourites southern coastal and highland regions tips at the top hottest, driest places the.

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