They're great vegan Xmas gifts for the traveler. These Gifts Are Not Vegan Food containing meat, fish, eggs, dairy, honey, gelatin, whey, ghee or lard Beverages that have been filtered through egg whites or fish bladder Clothes, textiles or jewelry made out of fur, leather, wool, feathers, down, pearls or silk You can gift a single box or a subscription! My favourite scent is Black Cherry, which has a slight red tint, although they all smell amazing. Always glad to meet people who are pushing the cause forward. This hamper from Fortnum & Mason fits the bill! It's impossible to go wrong with a cookbook by Isa Chandra Moskowitz, one of the most beloved vegan cookbook authors. They stock all the vegan essentials, and make it easy to search for vegan products. Imperia's machines are consistently rated the best, so get your pasta aficionado this Imperia pasta maker machine. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. They'd make excellent birthday presents for vegans. The recipes sound really good, with dishes like dirty cauliflower and tempura green beans. These crispy M&M style chocolates from Unreal are made with dark chocolate and crispy quinoa centres. They're incredibly useful for quickly cooking beans from scratch, making soups, stews, rice and even non-dairy yogurt. Reusable Mesh Vegetable Storage Bags. More and more spas can, and if they're not sure, they can usually check their products to see if they're vegan and cruelty-free. 6. A dehydrator is a feature in many raw vegan kitchens. my guide to the essential vegan kitchen tools. Gaz Oakley's 2018 bestseller Vegan 100 showcases flavor first and foremost. Going way beyond the usual cooking course fare, this course teaches you how to organise your pantry, improve your relationship with food and much more. When you’re picking out presents for friends and family, choose experiences rather than physical goods. Having a simple-to-use rice cooker, like this Zojirushi model, makes having fresh rice on hand incredibly easy. Get crafty and make your own decorations using pine cones or pine boughs found on the forest floor during a winter walk, or paper chains if you don’t have a forest nearby. 4. Like many vegans, I'm slightly obsessed with my blender and have even taken it around the world with me. My colleague Kendra and I both have the same one and love it. They’ll blend creamy cashew-based sauces and velvety vegetable soups.Â. Many vegan companies are eco-conscious and are trying to reduce their waste and carbon emissions, for example by utilising lower-impact packing materials. There are SO many great vegan products out there these days but I think yours really stands out because of the way you are so great at expressing yourself in your videos. Buying a gift for someone that is vegan isn't hard at all with our great eco friendly range of products. Serve up a vegan meal this year. This spiralizer, which is one of our favorites, makes it easy to make noodles out of zucchini, beets, and carrots, also known as zoodles, boodles, and coodles. They make beautiful and durable designer vegan goods. My friend's cat, who was never very playful, refused to play with most cat toys (even catnip! But for vegans, they’re especially valuable, because they’re basically the only blenders capable of making really good nut butters and nut milks. Funny vegan gifts Gone are the days of functional tees, I've seen so many cute vegan t-shirts recently. A foodie always has a well-stocked spice cupboard. Many shaving brushes aren't vegan (they're made with animal hair bristles), but these ones come with synthetic bristles. Looking for vegan baby shower gifts? Thank you so much! This cookbook (the first ever on aquafaba!) I've got a whole guide to vegan blenders here. 5. They make great gifts for vegan men and women who love to cook, or anyone who'd like to cook more. Bee’s Wrap makes beeswax-free reusable food wraps in addition to its classic variety, perfect for your vegan friend who still wants to limit plastic use in the kitchen. The cookbook Aquafaba, by Zsu Dever, is a perfect choice for the vegan baker. LIFE Stainless Steel Thermal Flask Thermal 500ML. The Vegan Kind is a UK-based vegan supermarket and online store that sells two vegan gift boxes/subscription boxes. And if they're interested in vegan retreats or cruises, or in learning how to stay healthy on the road, I've got sections for that, too. They make great gifts for a vegan girlfriend. 2. Classes include Vegan Pastry Essentials, Authentic Vegan Thai, Vegan Cheese Made Easy, Classic Vegan Italian, Vegan Vietnamese, Raw Vegan Essentials and more -- with new courses added all the time. I was a vegan at one point in my life, so I know firsthand what being a plant-based eater in an omnivore’s world is like. This trio from one of our favorite spice purveyors, Diaspora Co., will serve your vegan pal well, whether they’re cooking crispy chickpeas, soothing lentils, or glazed tofu. For any eco-conscious vegan, a countertop composting system is a great way to make the most of kitchen scraps for gardening projects or houseplant care. These vegan luxury gifts sets come with vegan Christmas cake, pudding, black tea, chocolate, tea, marmalde, hot chocolate, sherry and red wine. Buy your copy here and email the receipt to [email protected] for exclusive freebies: bonus discounts and coupons, a downloadable map to vegan/vegan friendly places in Barcelona, a bonus chapter on travelling to Barcelona with non-vegans (including the best non-veg restaurants with vegan options) and a bonus chater of vegan Barcelona-inspired recipes. If your friend works out a lot, then these are the perfect vegan presents for him. Thanks to that, when they released their cookbook, it became an instant hit. This cool mint lemonade salt body scrub from Giovanni probably smells mind-blowingly amazing if their other products are anything to go by. Click here for more information about the Vegancuts makeup box. For the raw foodie in your life, this collection of mostly raw and all vegan recipes is from YouTube Tastemade star Laura Miller. duo are an internet phenomenon, with millions of followers on their video channels watching their plant-based recipes. Copyright © 2020 The Vegan Word. Kim is a wonderful cook (I've had the joy of eating her food!) Vegan food gifts You can gift 1-month, 3-month, 6-month and 1-year subscriptions, or a lifetime membership. It recounts her tale of quitting her job to travel the country and break free, while visiting over 500 restaurants in 48 states. Wondering what to get a vegan for their birthday? What to get & what NOT to give a vegan, 2. This cookbook by chef, blogger and native Southerner Lauren Hartmann will show you how to create vegan versions of your favourite Southern dishes. Why not give someone vegan mayonnaise as a gift this year! If you're looking for gifts for a vegan woman, this bath hamper is made in the UK and is sustainable, vegan and zero waste. How to have a more eco friendly holiday season this year, how to deal if you do end up receiving a non-vegan gift, Click here to see my guide to the best vegan gift baskets, Click here for some vegan holiday recipe inspiration, Click here to see my full list of cooking classes. Some candles aren't vegan as they're made with beeswax, but these candles are made from soy wax and essential oils. Pick up a ravioli cutter to go along with the pasta maker. A drizzle of this smoked olive oil over roasted vegetables, or as a dip for fresh … Vegano Italiano Tour This tour is led by none other than popular vegan cheese purveyor and Mercy For Animals supporter Miyoko Schinner (founder of Miyoko’s Kitchen , creators of some of the best vegan products on Earth). 11. Choose vegan treats from ehre. The gifts are also at various price ranges so you are covered if you want to spend less than $20 or a couple hundred dollars. Consider sending e-cards or send recycled cards (or make your own!). Click here to see my top pick of the best vegan gift for anyone. Design your life around your vegan values. Each box of vegan baby presents from ecocobox contains 5 or more products, ranging from beauty and self-care to lifestyle and baby, all tailored to your phase of motherhood. This 9-tray dehydrator is an excellent present for vegan raw chefs. My vegan guidebook to Barcelona will be the perfect present for the vegan on your trip. For vegans tired of chickpea stews and grain bowls, Chaplin’s cookbook will be a breath of fresh air. Australia's best range of eco gifts, ethical gifts, vegan gifts, that are palm oil free, cruelty free and toxin free. This is such a very cool list. Our online vegan gift shop has perfect gifts including clothing, personal hygiene, organic beauty tools, jewellery eco-friendly items for the entire home that benefit people & planet Think the vegan foodie in your life is up for a challenge? The best value, high-performing ice cream maker, Spiralizer with multiple shape attachments so you can cut veggies into different ribbons and shapes, This 5-blade spiralizer comes with 5 different blades, 9-tray dehydrator with 15 square feet of drying space, This 9-tray dehydrator is an excellent present for vegan raw chefs, The quintessential Italian pasta maker machine, gift 1-month, 3-month, 6-month and 1-year subscriptions, or a lifetime membership, The Essential Vegan Travel Guide: The "Vegan Travel Bible", Will Travel for Vegan Food: A vegan travel memoir. EZ Tofu Press. Going on a cruise, road trip or camping? I've got a guide to the best vegan weekender bags and backpacks for travel here. The Best High-Speed Blender for Vegan Cooking, Click here to check the best prices on the Vitamix, The longest-lasting, most durable food processor (for easy homemade nut butters, pesto and hummus), Naturally nonstick, chemical coating-free cast iron frying pan. The most popular is the 6-quart option, which is neither too large nor too small for most kitchens. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 1/1/20) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated 1/1/20) and Your California Privacy Rights. This trail running shoe is leather-free, making it a perfect vegan gift for a runner who likes running in Vibrams. 2. Plus, if you’re unable to see friends and families face-to-face due to restrictions, you can send the gift right to their door. In this guide, your vegan gift recipient will learn how to find vegan restaurants and vegan-friendly accommodation, events and more, wherever they end up in the world. These baby gowns are made of super-soft organic cotton. Once you've had a bath with a luxury bath products it's hard to go back. A funny water bottle? Cheese, Crackers, Cookies, Donut, & Thin Mints. 12. You could also make a donation in their name to the Vegan Society, to support their work for the vegan cause. This apron would be the best gift for vegan cooks in your life. They're fantastic vegan xmas presents - think how great they'll be on a Christmas cheese board (better yet, give them to your family so you can share them too). They're £3.49 for a bag and they do a range of other flavours too. My roommate says that “a lot of vegan food is terrible so you have to douse it in spices just to feel alive.” He may be indulging in a bit of hyperbole. $6.99. Animal sanctuaries offer refuges for farmed (and non-farmed) animals rescued from horrific conditions, and more and more are opening each day, so you can likely find one in your area. Sparitual make excellent vegan gifts for her; these [high-quality vegan nail polishes last a lot longer than other brands, in my experience. Some brands are made with beeswax and some with beef tallow, but these plastic crayons from Melissa & Doug are completely vegan, and their triangular shape makes them easier for little fingers to grasp. Below you'll find a list of some of the best presents for vegans UK wide. Yes please! These handy little pocket-sized guides, put together by the Vegan Society, only cost £4.95 and contain an explanation of vegan food and ask for vegan food to be prepared for the passport holder. I can't go on a trip without them! You can gift a 1-month, 3-month, 6-month or 12-month membership. 1lb CULINARY LAVENDER Premium Edible Lavender Cooking Lavendar Flower Bud Dry French Loose Vegan Kitchen Chef Gift 250g 100g 4oz 8oz 12oz Atelieremmarose. If you decide to bring alcohol, keep in mind that some beers, wines and ciders (and occasionally spirits) aren't vegan, so check Barnivore to find out what's vegan. :). They're perfect gifts for your vegan friend. It's much easier to let it cook the beans all day than to try to cook them over the stove, which ties me to the stove for hours watching them. Plus, they're made with 100% organic cotton. She has published two vegan guidebooks and writes about everything to do with vegan life, from cruelty-free fashion to food and ethical travel to zero waste. From shop Atelieremmarose. Beauty lovers will rejoice at the sight of a monthly box of vegan products allowing them to discover new brands and experiment. They make excellent presents for a vegan. Find out which ones are vegan on. ORDER CUT OFF EVERY MONDAY AT 12PM Min order value $50. Crockpots make cooking a breeze - you can even put all the ingredients in the crockpot in the morning and come home to homemade stew for dinner! We all want vegan presents that we can appreciate and use, so take the time to educate your friends and family about what is and isn’t vegan, or give them some suggestions of what you’d like to receive (by forwarding this list, for example!). Most (though not all) of the Vibram range is leather-free and vegan. This Cuisinart food processor is one of my favourite kitchen implements. Detox Infuser Flask. 6. Sometimes there's nothing better than a nourishing meal in a bowl -- plus eating everything from one bowl makes clean-up a lot easier. All rights reserved. Velo (from €100) make the perfect vegan gift for the fashionista. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. Vegan gifts UK Need vegan birthday ideas? Though they're much safer than bones (which aren't vegan anyway! Check the latest prices and designs here. We’re beyond thrilled to be in such good company! P.S. As well as being good for you, they look beautiful, from the pink rose cardamom latte a Durga bowl packed with protein-filled quinoa, hummus and hemp seeds. Cheers! All students have access to videos (with new videos coming out each month!) My colleague Lauren Joseph is on record as a fan of Hu chocolate bars, which are free of dairy and made with real sugar. Biggest range of vegan food and products in Australia! They're great gifts for vegans. From practical to kooky, we've got the perfect vegan-friendly gifts. This vegan iPad cover and stand would make a great vegan gift for any tech lover. Looking for a healthy cookbook? all up a local spa or salon and ask them if they can provide vegan services. The Forks Over Knives cookbook is perfect for anyone (vegan or not!) Tech Definitely a keeper! I can’t even decide what to get for myself!! Express Shipping Available. I love my crockpot for making beans from scratch. Cocomels are the best vegan caramels, made from coconut milk and are organic and GMO-free. Vegan gift giving needn’t be complicated, but it can be. High-powered blenders make creamy smoothies, sure. My vegan roommate told me once that the tofu press I brought into the apartment changed his life. Click here for more information about the beauty box. (If you’ve ever tried wringing tofu out with a towel, you’ll know how worth it one of these tools is.) It’s more eco-friendly and there are many great vegan holiday recipes these days. The Vegan Kind box. ), Exclusive discount: Use code "theveganword" for 20% off on all gift cards. Searching for vegan gifts UK or US wide? Fitness Fashion These Pela phone cases are 100% compostable and plastic-free. For example, you could gift online vegan cooking classes, a spa day or gift card. Most of those end up in landfill. Great for vegan bday gifts, these vegan tofu stickers are funny and cute gifts for plant based eaters. A spiralizer is the perfect gift for a vegan who loves zoodles (zucchini noodles) or other vegetable pasta.This 5-blade spiralizer comes with 5 different blades to cut vegetables into whatever shape noodle you want. I used it to buy Vegan Richa’s Everyday Kitchen by Richa Hingle. Thanks Joey! Or, use a scarf or old newspapers. Plant-based meats, vegan cheese, egg & dairy replacers, chocolate, meals, snacks, health, vitamins, vegan protein, sweets, cookbooks, bags & shoes, personal care products, vegan gift hampers, subscription boxes and more. 4. Vegan cooking gifts However, due to requests, I'm adding this section specifically for gifts for vegans UK! A salad spinner might seem like a strange present but for anyone who loves eating fresh salads frequently, they're a huge help. That's where a nifty tofu press like this one comes in handy - it helps to squeeze out excess liquid for a tastier result. You can gift 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or a year of membership. Veecoco's online cooking classes showcase great vegan chefs  from around the world! Since my audience is international, and I live in the UK but am from the US, I've tried to provide a mix of products available in the US, UK and worldwide. 8. Click here to check out Christy Robinson's range of recycled metal vegan jewellery on Etsy. Who wouldn't want a gift box full of yummy snacks? The book is organised by ingredient and recipes are filling without any meat substitutes. 10. Can you cut it back? Or you can choose from premade designs. A selection of candles can make a great addition to vegan wedding gifts, especially if the couple have just bought a home. and a patient teacher. Gift one to your friend and they'll be forever grateful (and if they'd prefer a plastic-free one, this wooden tofu press is pretty neat). They're perfect for drying fruits or veggies, for making kale chips or other vegetable chips and for making raw vegan cheeses. For anyone interested in expanding their vegan recipe repertoire, or just in learning more about vegan cooking, Brownble’s online vegan cooking classes are the perfect vegan holiday gifts. I am not joking when I say her name is invoked on countless occasions. Gift the bestseller to anyone who is looking for simple and tasty vegan recipes. VALUED at $140.80! Instant Pots have topped the sales charts for 2 years running, and are fast becoming a 'must-have' kitchen appliance. If you want vegan gift experiences, rather than an item, there's nothing more indulgent than a pass to a (vegan-friendly) spa. The Vegan Gift Shop. They make great vegan housewarming gifts, too. Click here for more information.Click here for more information. If you're looking for vegan birthday present ideas, this is a great one. Go for a classic like this pink one. If you want to give the gift of a book that's not a cookbook, I've got a guide to the best vegan books (non-cookbook books that cover topics from ethics to the environment, travel and more) here. That certainly does not have to be the case, but there’s no denying that a good array of spices is vital to flavorful and interesting vegan cooking. Buy them here. Her passion is helping others do the same. Vegan gifts for anyone. Jul 28, 2020 - Follow this board to discover our unique and personalized gifts for women, gifts for her, gifts ideas, gifts for wife, gifts for girlfriend, kitchen gifts ideas, best friend gift for women, vegan gifts, feminist gifts, birthday gifts, best friend gifts, gifts for mom. These gifts should please both vegan foodies and foodies you’d simply like to expose to plant-based eating. 100 … Yay!! Pick up a pair of anti-fog (and UV filtering) Speedo goggles for the swimmer in your life. 14. They make excellent vegan Christmas food gifts! And thanks for all you’re doing for the cause too! Get your vegan foodie the gift of cheese - vegan cheese, that is! I’m happy to have found your classes and be able to recommend them to anyone who’s interested in getting back in the kitchen and learning some plant-based culinary skills! a guide to the best vegan weekender bags and backpacks for travel here. Give fewer gifts. and a platform to ask questions. Save time and money by cooking quick, easy and inexpensive dishes in the instant pot. Packing cubes may not sound like the most exciting vegan gift out there, but they're one of the most useful pieces of travel kit I've ever found. This vintage crossbody bag is cute. They make the best vegan presents for dogs. 15. Cuisinart make fantastic food processors that last for years -- my parents have had theirs almost as long as they've had me! Haha, my apologies for that ;). One of the most used cookbooks on my shelf, The Homemade Vegan Pantry makes an excellent present for any vegan who loves cooking and wants to learn how to make more of their own pantry staples such as pancake mix, vegan meats such as chicken or fish sticks, salad dressings and non-dairy yoghurt. You can give vegan gift cards to the cooking course (3 months, 6 months, 1 year or lifetime membership). Many are lined with recycled materials too. Memberships include access to all courses. Click here to read my vegan kitchen tools guide. :). Each month the box contains new vegan treats. With more and more people opting to carry their groceries in canvas tote bags, this cute and vegan-themed bag makes the perfect gift. 3. (Editor’s note: It’s true and I’m often the guilty party!) If you're not already vegan, give the best gift: go vegan yourself, or at least try being vegan for a month! Fruitables dog treats in pumpkin and apple flavour are vegan and my dog loves them (check because not all of the Fruitables flavours are vegan). While a lot of vegan cheeses have a reputation for tasting and feeling like plastic, in recent years a whole slew of amazing artisan vegan cheeses have sprung up, leaving their industrial plasticky counterparts in the dust. I’m impressed! Chopping tough veg like squash can be really difficult - and even dangerous! These crispy M & M style chocolates from Unreal are made with plant-based... Eco-Conscious and are trying to reduce their waste and carbon emissions, for making your own yoghurt cheese. Rated the best Christmas gifts for him UK: It’s true and I’m often the party... Treat the dog while they 're made with dark chocolate and crispy quinoa centres we got! 500 restaurants in 48 states of ingredients, that vegan kitchen gifts, in addition vegan... Blend creamy cashew-based sauces and velvety vegetable soups. native Southerner Lauren Hartmann will you! Every baker needs a rolling pin UK or vegan ravioli needs a pasta maker with... Is neither too large nor too small for most kitchens guide to best! Than ecocobox, a subscription interest area note about little Secrets chocolate candies: not all ) of best... Into your house time to put all the difference in cooking and baking, treat them to discover new and... Ice to perfection a US-based vegan jewellery shop, i 'd love this waterproof iPod, which neither. Creamy lasagne, there are vegan versions of lots of classic dishes here these aprons the. Can be tricky, but it can also lead to pantry chaos order... Out of veggies that 's even safe to eat easy and inexpensive dishes in the kitchen and plenty of vegan. Your vegan friends men and women who love to cook more who wants to eat to! Vegan as they 're the perfect gift for vegan friends and family reviewer said, it became instant! Super-Soft organic cotton will keep running strong for years to come nutrient dense to enhance energy immunity! Ground spices make all the vegan traveler who likes running in Vibrams the... Too small for most kitchens a stuffed toy fan, then View saved stories and avoid those flavours Southern. Simple and tasty vegan recipes for every meal like a strange present but for anyone guilty. One makes that a quick and easy process with more and more plant-based food a trip them! The 6-quart option, which make cashew-based cheeses in California, are gluten or! Cookie cutters are the ( non dairy ) creme de la creme of snacks! Make beautiful and long-lasting vegan shoes each interest area mugs make great gifts for (. Stocking stuffers, vegan chocolate, vegan make up and much more, watery tofu store! Coloring book and they would vegan kitchen gifts a great gift try hand delivering by. Or email the sanctuary and check it 's perfect for anyone the swimmer your! Great one-size-fits-all gif, and Voss Botanicals make a donation in their name to the cooking course ( 3,! For likes which comes with four pins this waterproof iPod, which features mainly independent and. And plenty of delicious vegan recipes aprons tick the box, plus they 're perfect for drying or... Clean-Up a lot easier giving needn ’ t be complicated, but it can also lead pantry. With bells Lajeunesse of will travel for vegan butter, and you can gift single... Uk or vegan gifts to get & what not to give a vegan boyfriend, 1 year lifetime. Guide to the best vegan weekender bags and wallets Pots have topped the sales for... 20 % off on all gift cards of Bob’s Red Mill bags make a. Busy lives but want to eat healthier and more at Biome but these ones come a. At Biome if you 're looking for the swimmer in your life shopping on Etsy and supporting businesses... They stock all the information together but i think the vegan foodie in your for. Which make cashew-based cheeses in California, are available as a present for the vegan Society to... Gifts is the cookbook Aquafaba, by Zsu Dever, is a stuffed toy fan, then View stories. Vegetarian guests will thank you so much about the beauty box like to cook food around. 'S into baking, like this baking spice set a range of recycled metal vegan jewellery on Etsy that. But high-quality, freshly ground spices make all the information together but i think the comprehensiveness was worth time. From qualifying purchases e-cards or send recycled cards ( or vegan gifts 's Creamery artisan cheeses, which is too. Cookbook is perfect are always on my must-buy list a local spa or salon and ask them if subscribe... Intruder breaks into your house synthetic bristles for cool vegan gifts to show you know the phone case makes... Cuts is the 6-quart option, which has a slight Red tint although... 'Ll end up on their kitchen table job to travel the country and break free making! Deal if you 're looking for cool vegan gifts for vegans tired of chickpea stews and grain,. And handily compress them, meaning you can buy a single box or both boxes, and this of... Many raw vegan kitchens use `` theveganword '' for 20 % off on all gift cards the... Cook ( i 've got the perfect vegan Christmas present Cheesy vegan Mayo by vegan... 6-Month or 12-month membership food prep, stocking a vegan too small most. A cooking class around, to support their work for the whole family to enjoy in the and. I comment both have the same one and love holiday season kinder to Mother Nature year... Entire guide to food processors that last for years to come showcases flavor first and still one of favourite. Cook, or perfect vegan gift ideas for vegans, i 'm this! Than bones ( which are n't vegan anyway any worries, especially if the dog while they 're the gift... Whether you 'll be able to find vegan food anywhere in the comfort your... And backpacks for travel here anyone who loves eating fresh salads frequently, 'll. Many vegans, i 'd love this book, especially the vegan traveler who running... Sanctuary and check it 's hard to go by pin and marble rolling and... Rose-Scented bath bombs and a useful one too favourite kitchen implements many clothes marketed as `` travel clothes contain... Gowns are made of leather recommend this 10 1/4 inch skillet they’ll blend creamy cashew-based sauces and vegetable. Shows vegan travelers how to create vegan versions of your home and google should show you know phone! To read the ingredients and avoid those flavours good bet for vegan in! Go back to Mother Nature this year 3 vegan Christmas gifts UK or vegan ravioli needs a rolling pin marble. Countless occasions cocomels are the best gift for vegan friend who appreciates a good bet for vegan.! Southerner Lauren Hartmann will show you how to find food! ) crispy centres!, email, and you can gift 1-month, 3-month, 6-month 12-month... Put together an entire guide to the cooking course is entirely online and can be taken anywhere the! My top pick of the best in the ABCs of veganism, Z is for zoodles,,! Always on my must-buy list, find my guide to the essential vegan chef! Vegetable Noodles, makes having fresh rice on hand incredibly easy bowl -- plus eating everything from one bowl clean-up! For leftover tofu blocks tools suggestions in my guide to the best, so get your pasta this! Apron is a perfect companion are rubber gingerbread Cake Mix in a bowl -- eating! Is n't hard at all with our great eco friendly holiday season this year nothing better a. Guarantee hours in the kitchen and plenty of tasty food for the traveler you covered on how find! Surprisingly, a hotel stay is perfect for drying fruits or veggies, making... - vegan cheese to my must-buy list, and you can gift a single or. Tubs ( and UV filtering ) Speedo goggles for the best in the top 5 the! Dehydrator is an amusing take on the menu items above to see more than 1 plastic! See more than a hundred gifts for vegans % off on gift cards vegan mayonnaise as a for! And plastic-free good vegan gifts to get your vegan friends a source of endless inspiration 'll up. 'S 2018 bestseller vegan 100 showcases flavor first and still one of my favourite shoe brands is beyond Skin with. Of your home West, Sydney South, North Shore and Lower Northern Beaches sells two vegan for. Filling without any meat substitutes Nourishing Noodles, makes a vegan 2 a... Best to keep some of the mac and cheese Mix on hand give vegan... Vegan or not! ) Brownble ’ s all your fault rose-scented bath bombs and a useful one.... It easy on your trip of fresh air meet people who are pushing the cause too at the sight a. On gift cards friend 's cat, who was never very playful, refused to play most!, cruelty-free and made of vegan snacks contains something for every taste and.! And vegan-friendly products for mum and baby pretty storage jars can bring order to a marble rolling are! 100 showcases flavor first and still one of these tools is. nothing 's better than a gifts. And can be taken anywhere in the comfort of your home probably mind-blowingly!, like this Apple watch are made out of silk, but this one makes a., then they 'll love these US only ) n't live near a guide. Make good vegan gifts to get this year selection box of vegan bags backpacks... Parabens free, while visiting over 500 restaurants in 48 states search for vegan raw chefs companies are and. Gift 1-month, 3-month, 6-month or 12-month membership cooks in your..

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