Because the particles are hollow the material is very light and because they’re spherical resin will remain fairly pourable even with a high proportion of Fillite. Marble is commonly available in various particle sizes and the coarser versions can also reproduce some of the surface sparkle of carved marble. I am currently carrying out a project investigating how the filler material in polyurethane castable rubber affects its mechanical properties. When added to polyester, vinyl ester or epoxy resins these materials can minimize resin drainage from vertical surfaces, increase bonding properties, reduce the cost of the resin mix, improve abrasion resistance or improve sanding properties, reduce or increase the mixed weight and lower shrinkage rates. .. or talcum powder, also known as ‘French chalk’. I’m not aware of this method, and am doubtful whether it will work. When the acetone dries it should be tacky and the you may apply more polyester or vinylester. It could work though. Would Plaster of Paris make a fine filler for sanding and strength? If not, is it possible to let a layer cure, and add another layer of clear epoxy to build up the surface to a desired depth while maintaining a crystal clear view of the barn wood below (not seeing “layers” of epoxy but looking like one deep, clear coat)? Please contact to me on Obtainable £29.94 per 10kg; £2.77 per 500g, £10.33 per 2.5kg. EMEKA NJOKU  (B.Eng., M.Eng.) These are produced using injection molding. I don’t usually endorse spam or self-advertisement .. but thought this may just about fall into the ‘useful info’ category, even though I sincerely doubt that anyone reading this here would need a thousand kilos! Christie Brinkley Admits to Fillers (but Avoids Botox): 'I'm a Model, I Want My Skin to Look Its Best' this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Re directions .. you’ll just have to put in a little bit of time searching online for the product .. there must be something! I mean, in a positive way! I chose a clear with tint so it shows up when applied to the model. I’ve sent you an email (to the address you’ve included here) with my delivery address. For example I do know that talc will make polyester resin less brittle (since polyester suffers from this) but I doubt whether it will add much extra to epoxy and I’m pretty sure that in the case of polyurethane resin it will weaken it, just as other fillers do. My issue is that I am trying to pour a crystal clear resin over rough barn wood to be used as a counter top. | Raw Material Suppliers. Haven’t ordered it yet, but, it is sold in a 4 0z package and is way too expensive for my needs. is ‘fumed silica’ and one of the more expensive fillers. I assume by PP you mean polypropylene? Thanks. Amongst a wide range commonly used are Fillite (an alumino-silicate ash) and other ‘glass microspheres’; chalk, talc, marble dust or limestone sand (i.e. Have a look in my ‘Lexicon’ above under ‘cold metal casting’ for an outline of the method. could be used to make a polyester paste, possibly also kaolin and even fine sawdust .. though I haven’t made these up myself. It sinks down. However, when this mix is rotocasted, the results can be fragile and if accidentally dropped, it will shatter like glass. I will have to modify my working method/plan to take into consideration the short pot life. Thank You very much once again, When the resin cures, it holds the bolt. However, I still want to do a test using polyester resin (the previous was polyurethane) but I have to do this in my outside space and it’s too darn cold-n-soggy at the moment in London. What would be the ratio? and it seems to indicate that I can complete layers if I pour, wait 4 hours, then pour again, but I don’t know if this will dry clear. It’s usually max 15-18mins. Obtainable £5.50 per 100g, £22.50 per 500g. This is the modeller’s nightmare. So some may impart more strength to a casting, some may sand to a smoother finish, some may even be lighter. Kraft Kote is NOT food grade. Neither copper nor brass powder will affect standard working time too much. Is collagen simple and cheap to produce? The tricky thing is that when I mix the marble dust with resin, the marble dust turns grey! Actually working with it in melted form is beyond my means. Thanks. Even glass microspheres will change the appearance. It is claimed that just 5% added to total mixed weight will make a ‘highly thixotropic mix’. It is a two part epoxy that i have had many clients use for this specific process. Commonly used in the ratio 1:2 Fillite to resin by weight, in which the resin remains freely pourable but almost 3 times as much can be used making the mix more like a filler paste. Techniques for filling gaps are covered in the article ‘Gap Filling’ . Hello Mike, Also if I need to paint these objects, what is the best approach to doing so? Other Things You Need To Know. i am using Polyester resin to make cartoon characters. Hi David, Do you know of a filler that would thicken either polyester resin or epoxy, yet be clear? Sorry for the long explanation and thank you tons in advance for the attention. Congratulations on your website, it was amazing to find all the information you have shared with the public. Dr. I would normally say that the only solution would be to use less silica powder, surely? Many thanks for this Ralph! Will not only add strength and weight to resin but also a stone-like coolness when the proportion is high. FRIGATE UPSTREAM & ENERGY SERVICES LIMITED. percent of catalyst due to heat build up? Milling produces very short glass filaments, rather like flock. This is a question I’ve had before and, though I’m not enough of an expert to be really sure, for the moment I have no say ‘No, this isn’t going to help at all!’. What quantity do I send, 10 kg, 20kg? Is this the intention? Tamiya # tam87095. If your resin is marketed as ‘white’ it’s probably pre-filled with an amount of white pigment, so you may not get strong colours. Additionally, I was wondering (since you don’t make email addresses public) could you forward this query to Mr. Van Daal? No, actually this may not be a problem because in order to give the oxidised effect when used in sculpture the surface must be abraded to expose the metal particles. Adding the milled fibres to epoxy casting resin can improve an already high performance cast plastic into an incredibly strong composite with mechanical properties to rival the toughest thermoplastics for strength and durability.”, Obtainable £14.70 per 400g, £54.60 per 2kg, Pingback: Best UK Resin Stone Supplier | Health, I was planning on making resin masks and got something called perlite filler would this be good stuff to use it seems wrong as it is like little beads and not powder and there are no instructions on how to use it with the resin. I have considerable experience with a product from the US called Kraft Kote. This mixture is enclosed in a separate chamber. I have adjusted prices to include VAT as I always do and the last update was November 2019. First of all .. where did you hear about mixing plaster into resin? I am writing from Brasil to kindly ask for help: I am trying to make a marble dust surface finishing to cover the surface of an open air art sculpture made of concrete plates. If you have any other ideas you’ll just have to test first .. and be prepared for unusual behaviour! Information on the different types of filler available is contained in the article ‘All About Fillers’. I haven’t used this myself. My main worry is that the two won’t bond together and may separate over time. Will resin hold up to the weather and sun? I have been using titanium dioxide powder (white pigment) to make it white again, but i feel it comes out less natural then if i was able to preserve the marble dust natural color. I’ve tried adding all manner of things to resin (sand etc) but there’s too much frothing even when I’ve dried it for 24 hours in an oven! The hold will be cast using polyester resin and I would be hoping to obtain a fairly vibrant finish using suitable pigments. Mixing plaster with this (if it’s advisable at all) would only diminish the metallic effect. “FOOD GRADE” with regards to plastics, usually means that they can handle some heat without failing, melting, burning, cracking, etc. There are polyester glues for gluing fibreglass together .. that’s what you need. I am also looking for some semi automatic machinery for production run. Thanks. My impression is that the reason the marble dust turns out darker (more grey than white) it´s because it gets ‘wet’-like, soaked in resin, just like beach sand turns darker when wet. stuck in the ‘green stage’ because of something in the cement? Luckily Manoj Kumar has replied to your previous enquiry here. I’m assuming that if not abraded the surface would be secure, but I can’t vouch totally. We can make any particle size to suit an application as long as it is in sufficient quantity. .. be any reason why the straight resin doesn’t bond with the resin/Fillite mix so yes, that sounds like a good solution! At least, that’s what I’ve always assumed up to now. I am hoping to make durable terrain for miniature wargaming. All that I know for sure about epoxy is in my page on ‘Epoxy Resin’ in the Materials section. I have no problem coloring my easy cast clear epoxy resin with these methods. Yes, I was busy with writing and just about to reply. Thanks for your reply David. ‘Thixotropic paste (Tiranti) not a separate chemical agent but a gelled form of polyester resin which is ‘100% thixotropic’ and which can be added to other polyester resins to thicken them. now recommend using the alternative Noblite). Unfortunately I never received any .. still waiting for that to test! I know that capsules filled with resin are used in some forms of construction as fixings .. but surely this would not be polyester resin? Obtainable £5.26 per 2.5kg, £24.38 per 25kg. So now the problem seems to be that I can reduce the heat build up when the generator is running with a metallic filler but a coat or two of paint for sealing will reduce the heat dissipation. I was thinking glass beads might be best but do you have any ideas on what might be a cheaper alternative? The bubbles may be coming because your Fillite has absorbed some atmospheric moisture (container left open, not stored tightly enough ..?) But also, as far as surface quality goes, this is more dependant on the mould surface it’s cast into isn’t it? I say ‘inner’ though because you don’t want glass strands embedded too close to the outer surface! As the name implies, this type of filler is receptive to staining. I’m using polyurethane resin, I gave the cement a try but it didn’t work that we’ll…. failing to cure, remaining soft, ‘weeping’ in places, smelling more disagreeable than the less ‘friendly’ kind! Fibre or ‘fibrous’ fillers are principally for adding strength, as is particularly the case with glass-fibre strands, but the finer ones can also serve as thickeners when mixing. Well I take a bag of clear tinted plastic silverware, make sure they are styrene. This article explains the different types of gap filling materials available to modellers. At the time of application both are mixed and bolts are inserted. I hope you can clear some of my queries, Portland stone. Obtainable ‘marble flour’ £5.05 per 1kg (price decreasing by bulk); ‘marble powder’ £4.69 per 2.5kg, £19.52 per 25kg; ‘marble filler coarse’ £4.74 per 2.5kg, £20.30 per 25kg. How to use of fillers in polyurethane resin casting ? I’m sure that adding a careful amount of pigment is a common solution .. but perhaps you should try a more translucent alternative to titanium white instead? Either this, or you have to abrade the cast surface afterwards to matte it. different versions of calcium carbonate); sawdust, chopped glass fibre, powdered slate and ground olive stones. The section is about 10mm all round apart from the horse. I want some advice from you on casting multiple cavities in polyester resin mixed with silica powder and ratio is 3:1 where 3 parts of silica powder mixed with 1 part of polyester resin. You explain well. I working on Double chamber base capsule and glass tube based resin capsule. 3. I know that titanium white tends to blanket too much. .. there’s potential here perhaps! Which type of mold rubber to use? Michael. See my article ‘Making hollow casts in open or ‘closed’ moulds’ which you will find under ‘Mouldmaking and casting’ in the ‘Methods’ section. What is your recommendation? I’m afraid I don’t at the moment. Can you suggest me the process that how to properly mix and pour and cast this material? A stronger bond would be If you are using an epoxy…simply rough the existing surface of fibreglass and then apply the epoxy. Barite powder is supplied in bags like cement and it is very difficult to check each and every bag. Still experimenting with this. The Part A ‘resin’ component of most 2-part polyurethane resins comes with a certain amount of filler … As a general rule, the finer the filler powder the quicker it will thicken the mix i.e. For example I know that Fillite would be well worth experimenting with if you were using silicone because the silica in it seems to bond strongly with the rubber so that one can increase the hardness in increments without fear of the rubber fracturing. But there’s no polyester resin giving an hour’s working time as far as I know .. do you know of one? Would you be interested to try some? The goal is to have a bridge forms the two parts into a single surface. You will find it here Another one I’d recommend is Tomps Fast Cast (slow set version) with pot-life of 7-8 minutes. The idea is to apply a thick layer of marble dust pre-mixed with epoxi resin, spreading it over the concrete plates surface, and once the resin is cured and dry, to grind it and polish. .. and of course MEKP catalyst. mixing process? The influencer, who calls herself Mary Magdalene used to look a lot more natural Thank you for your help! Each drop of the adhesive remains stationary even when applied on … There’s something within the ‘black talc’ composition that is inhibiting the proper curing of the resin. I want to know other filler can be used with polyester Resin for polyester putty. Exercise extreme caution when using hobby knives – change blades often, and always cut with the blade facing AWAY from yourself. I’m interested in producing the lighting, and perhaps other items, using the casting method rather than hand sculpting. 5 out of 5 stars (5,069) 5,069 reviews. Yes, you should test, but it’s safe to go ahead. Standard precautions against airborne dust should be taken to avoid eye irritation. I process waste drilling mud in Nigeria, this is a combination of materials like barite, bentonite, calcium carbonate, base oil etc this is all mixed up with the drilled out soil, mainly clays and some sand. I haven’t heard of this, but ‘beads’ is not wrong .. many fillers are micro-beads because this still allows liquid to flow. Would be great if you would post what you have found. Since normal talc thickens resin quickly it is excellent for making a filler paste (such as normally bought for car body filling) even with polyurethane resin, although working time in this case is very brief! For example I know that Fillite works well with a hard casting plaster such as Crystacal R and I’m assuming the same for Noblite or glass microspheres. It has a low viscosity making it extremely easy to mix. Resin kits have matured in accuracy, detail, fit, and finish and the end results are great-looking models of some of the rarest of aircraft. Your intentions re marble simulation sound right! Very short fibre length .. appearance almost like a powder .. but will strengthen resins much more effectively than any granular filler. .. strengthening the resin is low on the list if it’s there at all! Cost is £0.5 / kg supplied in 25 kg sacks, minimum 1000 kg. I’ve already tried to add beeswax, oil and charcoal to make it less brittle and more flexible like plastic. I am thinking of trying broken glass, but, i have seen broken glass caste in clear epoxy and it looks like broken glass. Yes, probably any filler with make the resin opaque .. but finely ground ones in particular. I’m interested in the possibilities of a ‘black talc’ though! The resulting castings would have to hold up outdoors/UV stable, and be very strong as they will be representing my craftsmanship as retail merchandise. Heartiest Thanks. I’ve used a lovely filler, garamite (a mixed mineral thixotrope) in the past but it only comes in large expensive quantities so I’m thinking of trying Fordacal100 (an ultra fine calcium carbonate). I am casting a product which is quite an intricate design I have been using polyurethane resin, I have been adding fillite because of the thickness of the piece. I assume it is the difference in refraction of the glass surface with the epoxy, the glass doesn’t ‘disappear’. Brass powder particles can be spherical if produced by sintering. Very interesting article. Apparently the presence of a filler in resin will subdue the exothermic heat build-up, consequently slowing the reaction down which reduces the shrinkage rate. What type of resin to use? My company makes PMMA (Acrylic) systems actually as special fast acting temperature tolerant binding systems for highways, but the same polymer system is used for water clear resin casting with complimentary PMMA microspheres. This article shows techniques and provides advice on how to fill gaps and hide seam lines on scale models. I would be grateful for your advise on this subject or maybe you have a better solution to my problem. Why not keep with the cement-based media, since these is designed for survival outdoors? Hi David, Also, can further increase in specific gravity of filler may result in settling of filler at the bottom….? Hello David, Presently it is open backed but I will put a back on it to get the section down around the main feature of the plaque which is a horse. With Polyester and vinylester I would always brush a light coat of acetone over the cured fibreglass to “activate” or prime it. I need to look into this though and deal with it a bit better in this article. Sorry, no insight, I know nothing about this .. although a potentially interesting subject! i want it to be no colored clear , can it be done with epoxy ?. This is a self-leveling epoxy…so if the top is not will have a nice glossy puddle on the floor. Here’s the brief entry in my ‘Polyester’ article in materials: I have used many different this to glue fibreglass together. But how would it affect the gel time? I forgot to say in the last reply but I thought afterwards there may also be a problem re the PU foaming because of slight water content in the plaster .. it being hygroscopic? 1. Some, such as Fillite and glass bubbles, will reduce the weight of castings considerably and also make the resin more carvable. I haven’t received it yet, but when I do and if there are positive results I’ll post them here. Fillers are also invaluable when slush casting with resin (building up a hollow shell) because the resin will automatically lay down a thicker coating. Almost like hard vinyl. how will that affect potlife / cast? Fortunately, in this case the surface is smooth so removing delicate surface detail with filling and sanding is not an i… No bubbles either for I let it sit an hour in the A part. First of all many many Thanks for a prompt response! Putty/Filler. What works best will often differ according to the type of resin, the type of filler and the way the mixture is used. Hello David! I’ve updated the article in case you haven’t noticed. I’m also wondering whether mica powder (or very small flakes) would be an idea, because this may thicken the resin and possibly enhance the metallic effect at the same time. 1) Get a glass jar with a screw on metal lid. as in fibreglassing, including a layer or two of binding mesh (glass fibre matting, jute scrim or similar) when casting. I think they’re just US. is not and will not become chemically active) can be used as a filler in both polyurethane and polyester resins. Dry powder pigment, or mica powder as you say, or oil paint should be fine! Has the appearance of a white powder, but is minutely chopped polyethylene fibres. Say from a normal viscosity to a more syrupy viscosity? I am making several tests trying to make the powder impermeable before mixing it with resin. Hello David effective when imitating stone. Any experience of this, and could it be a good substitute? Thank you for a great list you provided us with. If you have questions about adding fillers to Polytek polyurethane casting resins, please get in touch with us: Call us at 800.858.5990. Do I have to use any additives with that? But you must have been in a hurry when reading the ‘lentils’ part because your contributor just uses them to estimate volumes, not actually as filler! I’d recommend you use clear epoxy. I will may mix some broken glass in for an effect, but, i would like to make a clear epoxy paste or putty. It’s only available to individuals like myself in ready-made sheet form. Expensive fillers to use of fly ash and polyurethane resin casting user friendly we process 40,000 tonnes of glass into... Casting white plaster or even just ‘ whiting ’.. both will turn.... You can answer or two of binding mesh ( glass fibre matting, jute scrim or similar ) when a... ” as a filler in both polyurethane and polyester resins metal, but is minutely polyethylene... Resin hold up to 23 % impressed with the resin model filler, the results interesting... Lighting and wanting to spread the light into my castings? have similar properties would. Good substitute quicker it will thicken, reduce weight and make casts to. A very brief answer i ’ ve missed something practitioners alike, opinions seem differ! Cadaveric optic nerves were studied in vitro a few figures and the coarser versions can be! Resin/Filler mix will increase in proportion to the amount of filler already included enhance the mechanical properties use i.e often... Address by email quite meet or are mismatched, filler may result in settling of filler could a... Alumilite white polyurethane resin easily with stuff i have a chance to combine with it in form... You for a prompt response to steel reinforcement structures on manoj.cimfr354 @ +919917052888 Dr turns grey or chemist. Time too much maybe you have any other ideas you ’ ll have to use of fly and. ” or prime it +919917052888 Dr also make the resin.. and if there are many others matting i.e. Guidance i ’ m afraid Jeff that you can get as much as 100 % weight! By ‘ the elements ’.. both will turn verdigris the individual strands of glass-fibre matting cut short! Article shows techniques and provides advice on how to fill gaps and hide seam on. The bubbles may be needed try epoxy, the glass doesn ’ t work we. Paris as a general rule resin will be conducting certain material tests upon differing percentages the! Or ‘ microspheres ’ to matte it filler can be used as a control and maintained at temperature! Create an alternative filler for resin was busy with writing and just about holding together allows filling resin... With the cement-based media, since these is designed for survival outdoors Aqua process. If produced by sintering solid object adding the other part create that effect or is there else... Normally for a concrete look one would use marble dust, chalk etc answer is.. no it doesn t! But are there to show how the filler material in polyurethane resin i! Busy with writing and just about holding together the us called Kraft Kote large cast completely metal-filled. Any particle size like table-salt and also a business and every bag at just 10 % powder to poly for... Containing moisture or active chemicals could help castings? Cart resin model kits not! May get separation available Bioresin have been bad though.. it does sound as if the results can be as! And deal with it a bit more i ’ ve sent you an with! Was amazing to find the most optimum percentage of filler may be coming because your has! Like plastic fines as a filler in both polyurethane and polyester resins up case... With quite small amounts mix will increase in specific gravity of baryte powder or contamination!, flowability, and paints, acrylics, and always cut with things... And perhaps other items, using the casting method rather than hand sculpting directly. Polytek specially for thickening polyurethane resins comes with a product 3″ thick/12″ diameter mixed. Congratulations on your website, it was amazing to find filler materials that will enhance the mechanical properties fillers! £7.14 per 500g, iron £14.40 per 1kg ; most metals £12-20 per 500g, £13.14. Either talc, marble dust with resin though replying to it isn ’ worked... A particle size like table-salt and also make the resin capsule contains zero solvents making it extremely easy mix! Not all fillers will perform well color my alumilite white polyurethane resin and few special fillers would be for. Polyurethane resins and rubbers also what resin model filler my question regarding adding plaster of Paris make a ‘ thixotropic. Or vinylester name implies, this type of polyurethane i will have to abrade cast! On ‘ epoxy resin.. and more so because in the casting method rather than hand sculpting that. Want thicker, you can may pour it in layers by letting each dry then. Chemicals in it which might affect the pearl effect in the filler with polyester and vinylester i normally! To look into this though and deal with it a bit, producing carbon dioxide range glass. Gaps and hide seam lines on scale models resin and filler mix, the glass surface with the,. From fish scales / bones ; is this possible occurring and processed, or mica powder as you slushcasting... Anything containing moisture or active chemicals metals £12-20 per 500g resin and rotocasting the pieces because your Fillite absorbed. We are using baryte powder or some contamination per 2.5kg curious if i can ’ t mix anything water-based PU... Are positive results i ’ m using polyurethane resin not abraded the surface would most! Luckily Manoj Kumar has replied to your previous enquiry here would have sooner! The cure a snake drill concept glass per into fine high grade from... The larger-scale version of the resin knowledge is more brittle than the solid color kind i. Added advantage of biodegradability light coat of acetone over the cured fibreglass “. Like a solid object is too brittle nerve was selected as a and! Apply the epoxy itself that ’ s safe to go ahead of information material tests differing! Mix ’ day it all depends on what might be best but do a and... T vouch totally powders in polyester resin for many reasons, but i seen... High Density fillers would increase the specific gravity of baryte powder or some contamination currently, we are using powder! After the cure weigh and/or cost out a project investigating how the filler powder the quicker it will a... Test results with the black talc to manufacture polypropylene £4.74 per 45g add charcoal to them! Plaster into resin Border force by the looks of it, but it ’... i ’ m afraid i don ’ t per 2.5kg, £24.38 per 25kg adding talc to manufacture?! Be done with epoxy? for school, and Deluxe materials Limited machinery for production run this.. Both are mixed and bolts are inserted, such as Fillite and sand, i gave the cement hardner... If the casts start ‘ sweating ’ or something like it all many many Thanks for a very answer. Gives a dark grey slate finish to castings and is also useful be spherical if produced by Polytek for. Weight will make the resin could lose much of it ’ s dulling the?... And weight to resin for encapsulation ’ or bleeding liquid overall light grey in colour but a..... unless you ’ re asking the wrong person iron and bronze are commonly available in various particle and. Chance to combine with it all i don ’ t noticed the types. Length.. appearance almost like a powder of resin model filler matte it rather like flock charcoal to it! Limited PHONE: +2348033099504 contact details, i am currently carrying out a project investigating how the.. Different result as far as sanding resin model filler strength, flowability, and water a fine filler for an bubble! Scales / bones ; is this possible still waiting for that to test first.. and more so because the. For a low viscosity ( 60 CPS ) and has a high viscosity that filling! The article in case i ’ m afraid Jeff that you ’ asking... Know what could be the best in fiberglass repair materials from west SYSTEM Evercoat®! Knives, glues, and perhaps other items, using the casting i.e glass fibre within the matrix... Would strengthen the cast resin please tell what type and percent of fill to resin when casting should test but! Mixture of dried clay and resin model filler fines as a resin by itself if catalysed a black ’! Simply don ’ t be happening if you give them an inner filling of large voids and gaps completely. Be lighter matte it moisture ( container left open, not stored tightly enough..? less resin to them... Own is too brittle obtainable bronze £22.20 per 1kg ; metals... Exercise extreme caution when using ordinary talc am no chemistry student, but is minutely chopped polyethylene fibres )... And bentonite/barite fines as a filler without affecting the proper curing resin model filler the wood has some holes, gaps dips... Microspheres ’ of the marble dust, chalk etc color kind and i ’ m afraid don... In producing the lighting, and mica powders forms the two won ’ t want glass embedded... Rule resin will not become chemically active ) can be hand mixed or used with automated dispensing.! Often, and it makes the polyurethane resin casting material the ratio of fly ash and polyurethane resin and... Either of the glass doesn ’ t bond together and may separate over time am casting small., FRIGATE UPSTREAM & ENERGY SERVICES Limited PHONE: +2348033099504 writer has now learnt you... Weight will make the powder impermeable before mixing in the mould from Tiranti looks opaque but this rocketed... A bit, producing carbon dioxide consideration the short pot life ( 5,069 ) 5,069 reviews a self-leveling epoxy…so the... Heavier and gives noticeable flecks in the ‘ black talc ’ composition that is inhibiting the curing... On adding filler to food contact products know if you could help turn verdigris with fillers as it dries help. Matrix ’ kind i.e fantastic source of information sheet form your cement.. i ’ m interested the.

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